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Best Stick Blender Australia 2021

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Set out on a new practice, a blender is the only machine in your kitchen that can blend the food items quite easily to take your cooking practices to the next level.  But are you fed up of tugging your food processor or jug blender out of the cupboard for even easier tasks? If yes, then it might be the time to think about investing in an immersion or stick blender. Actually, the best stick blender is the one that can blend ingredients or food purees in the container in which they are being prepared.

Hold on, if you are tired of transferring your food items to a separate jug for grinding them, then these hand blenders are perfect option for you.  Overall, the stick blenders have a cutting blade driven by a motor and placed at the end of a shaft which can be immersed inside the food housing by hand. In fact, the best stick blender can ease the preparation of lump-free soups, smoothies, dips, and transform your food prepping skills by saving a lot of time and efforts.

Let’s come to the point, there are a variety of stick blenders available in the market, some even come with grinders, whisk, measuring beakers, jugs, and such items. So, how would you know which one is more durable and efficient? Simply, spend a few minutes in reading the described products reviews, we only included five top-notch stick blenders in our list.


Braun New MultiQuick 7, Hand Blender
Braun New MultiQuick 7, Hand Blender
  • Features:Color: Black, Weight: 0.86 Kilograms, Dimensions: 6.8 x 6.8 x 39 centimeters
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Breville The Control Grip Stick Blender
Breville The Control Grip Stick Blender
  • Features:Color: White, Weight: 01 kilogram, Dimensions: 14.4 x 45.2 x 25.2 centimeter
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Sunbeam SM7400 StickMaster Plus Sunbeam SM7400 StickMaster Plus
  • Features:Color: Grey, Weight: 2.3 Kilograms, Dimensions: 33 x 15.8 x 35.4 centimeters
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Kenwood Triblade, Hand Blender Kenwood Triblade, Hand Blender
  • Features:Color: White, Weight: 2.94 Kilograms, Dimensions: 37.5 x 29.5 x 25.2 centimeters
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Smeg HBF02RDEU Hand Blender Smeg HBF02RDEU Hand Blender
  • Features:Color: Red, Weight: 2.1 Kilograms, Dimensions: 33 x 14.9 x 30.3 centimeters
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Best Stick Blender Australia

When it comes to buying Best Immersion Blender Australia, there are so many choices that the decision process may become difficult for Aussies. To get you out of this trouble, Nomads Guide have reviewed best immersion blenders for you. 

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  • Color: Black

  • Weight: 0.86 Kilograms

  • Dimensions: 6.8 x 6.8 x 39 centimeters

Braun Hand Blender

To tread carefully, Braun MultiQuick 7 hand blender is designed to blend whole food in seconds which is made possible by active blade technology and flexible shaft which gives super active surface to blend the stuff. This compact stick blender is no less than a gem to enhance your kitchen game. MultiQuick 7 Blender is also the best Braun Immersion Blender available in the market. Additionally, all the needed accessories are added in the package to make it a perfect match for your blending needs.

To put on, Braun Immersion Blender allows you to regulate the speed by squeezing the soft grip trigger with your forefinger, the more you pinch the trigger the more power will be delivered to blade which make it efficient for smooth operation. Plus, the power bell system contains a long stainless-steel wand and power head carved in the shape of a fluted bell designed specifically to pour soup or smoothies directly into the pot. To eliminate excess splatter, a suction reducer has added at the bottom of the container.

To take a tasty bit of gossip, Braun uses an easy click system comprising two buttons which are located on the handle, you can press them simultaneously to release the wand and to start the next attachment. For security, the unlock button halt accidental activation. In order to ensure non-slippery grip, the ergonomic and rubberized handle improves control and stability.

Practically, Braun hand blender has all in one food processor comprising 6-cup capacity and hence a perfect choice for preparing small to medium sized food batches. Above all, this stick blender come with several versatile accessories including 20-fluid ounce beaker, steel whisk to mix batter, and perforated masher to proffer all possible features at one place.

  • Convenient safety lock
  • All in one food processor
  • Attachments are quite easy to change
  • Easy to operate by one hand
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • The beaker not have pouring spout


  • Color: White

  • Weight: 01 kilogram

  • Dimensions: 14.4 x 45.2 x 25.2 centimeter

Breville The Control Grip Stick Blender

To build a good case, Breville Stick Blender is a terrific tool which has excellence in blending, chopping, and whisking capabilities. Actually, the jug and chopping bowl houses each other to greatly assist in conserving the counter space, and the 280W motor offer plenty of power to bear extensive use.

Digging around, the incorporated anti-suction technology doesn’t allow blended items spilling out of bowl. And to provide ease of use, the ergonomic trigger grip allows your hands to hold it in natural position with soft touch finish. Moreover, the innovative bell-shaped blending base is unified with internal ribbing which offer anti-suction properties for efficient blending and proficient controls. 

Plough it with furrow, Breville Hand Blender comes with 15 different speed settings for explicit blending and mixing. The included 1.25L jug, anti-slip mat, storage lid, chopping bowl, and electric stick mixer allows you to blend food like a piece of cake. In addition, the 8 inches long shaft makes it an ideal tool for blending large cups of smoothies or pots of soups.

To be on the solid ground, the whisk attachment is great for whipping up thick creams, transforming egg white into soft foams, or blending soft batters. But it’s recommended to keep tines away from the bowl edges while doing whisking. Additionally, the chopping bowl can be used for making breadcrumbs, mayo, or gazpacho. The non-scratchable blade guard protect pans or pots from scratching.

  • Chopper and grinding attachment
  • Bell shaped blending base
  • Controlled grip with trigger operation
  • Top shelf dishwasher safe attachments
  • Variable precise speed controls
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  • The chopper attachment is not so strong


  • Color: Grey

  • Weight: 2.3 Kilograms

  • Dimensions: 33 x 15.8 x 35.4 centimeters

Sunbeam StickMaster Plus

At the drop of the hat, Sunbeam Stick Master Plus entered in the market to provide users with whisker, blender, chopper, and mixer in one package. Ahead of the curve, the vertical stabbing blades and horizontal slicing blades act cumulatively to offer excellent performance by consuming less power and operation time. 

While putting this stick master to operation, just bind the motor body with the blending wand by using effecient twist and lock action. The added 1500mL jug with specified marks can greatly help to accommodate larger portions of your food to blend or blended items. The provided chopper can excellently work for chopping salsa, chutney, or soup with much less efforts. By taking in count the demand of people, a whisk is also added to froth a latte, cream, egg or light batter for taking your kitchen skills to next level.

Around the corner, Sunbeam Stick Master Plus is approved as multi-tasking product as you can find each and every demanded thing in the package. For effective working, the soft start mechanism gradually boosts up speed option is added despite of the initial selected speed level, in order to halt any food splashing. Additionally, the LED screen allows you to monitor speed and efficiency when soft start pattern is active.

To carry this blender with you for years, don’t use the whisk in a small bowl as the torque is quite effective in spreading the ingredients around the workspace even in large bowls. Plus, the untwisting the fittings are much ergonomic but try to be extra careful and don’t put extra force to save time. The plastic mount must be removed first before pulling the whisk out of the attachments. Indeed, Sunbeam Stick Master Plus is a perfect companion for cooking delicious food.

  • Stainless steel whisk attachment
  • Non-slippery storage lid
  • Soft start prevents initial splashing
  • Simple twist and lock action for easy use
  • Instant working of horizontal and vertical blades
  • The individual items are bit heavier


  • Color: White

  • Weight: 2.94 Kilograms

  • Dimensions: 37.5 x 29.5 x 25.2 centimeters

Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender

To open up, the Kenwood Triblade hand blender is stronger, faster, and easy to use. The built-in performance with an array of attachments will assist you to mash, chop, and blend in your own way to prepare quick and effortless meal. The incorporated Tri-blade system makes sure that all ingredients are blended exactly as you want and in minimum time. Surprisingly, the package come with metal blending wans, masher, soup blending wand, chopper, measuring beaker, and metal whisk to meet your all needs in single package.

Demolish your arguments as the Kenwood is able to distribute the ingredients equally onto the three angled blades to ensure efficient performance. Amazingly, you can blend soup directly in your pan by using blending wand. And the textured easy grip handle allows you to comfortably hold it while operation. The added mash attachment can take the responsibility of mashing potatoes, beets, or other root vegetables. Plus, the calibrated chopper with the anti-slippery base and storage lid can easily chop nuts and herbs to the desired texture. While the whisk whips the cream, mayonnaise, and meringues.

Grounded in fact, the most impressive function of this blender is the ease of use as it has ability to boasts a single speed and a turbo function to allow comprehensive control while blending. Moreover, the improved motor power compared to previous models makes it more powerful and able to handle heavier loads of hard foods like frozen fruits. To take in the full control, a smoother speed control in introduced, simply rotate the dial from minimum to maximum speed and blend your food items to the desired consistency. At the end we can add just one more thing, Kenwood Triblade stick blender is the best Kenwood Blender out in the market and is definitely best immersion blender available in Australia. 

  • Durable stainless-steel whisk
  • Textured comfortable grip handle
  • Extra-long cable to place it anywhere
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Metal tri-blade blending wand
  • The beaker base can catch scratches after few uses


  • Color: Red

  • Weight: 2.1 Kilograms

  • Dimensions: 33 x 14.9 x 30.3 centimeters


Smeg Hand Blender

Out in the open, Smeg Hand Blender is super smart in performance just like its design. Overall, the body is carved using plastic, the removeable arm and blades using stainless steel. Additionally, it has engine speed selection knob, on-off button and turbo function. The whipping tip, potato masher, chopper, and chalice to blend are added in the package.

To get full benefit, Smeg Hand Blender has a 700W motor with provided variable speed settings, the motor is pretty powerful for a hand blender. Additionally, it features a turbo button for delivering extra energy, and it can make smooth creamy batter from your ingredients in seconds. The stainless-steel blending wand with scratch resistant blades offer more durability and maintained look over extensive use. Stunningly, the flow blend system in the Smeg Hand Blender is responsible for excellent blending power, the dome and blades produce super smooth consistency in food.

Don’t put your hands in the sand, try to use the variable speed feature by interacting with soft touch control which increase the speed when rotated clockwise, and decrease on anti-clockwise movement. Moreover, the ergonomic handle offers a comfortable firm grip for perfect control. The rim at the blending arm has a minimal plastic lip to halt any scratches.

To prune out, the blender head is removeable for efficient cleaning. Importantly, you are instructed to wash all the parts with warm soapy water and avoid to use any dishwasher to increase the lifespan of this blender.

  • Retro style efficient hand blender
  • Variable speed dial with four speeds
  • Flow blend system with stainless steel blades
  • Turbo function to enhance functionality
  • Non-slippery handle for secure and safe use
  • Chopper, blender, masher, and whisk in the same package
  • Price may be high

Best Stick Blender Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Stick Blender – A Nifty Buying Guide!

The stick blender (also known as immersion blender, hand blender, or wand blender) can assist you while preparing sauces, soups, spreads, and smoothies. This guide will help you pick the best stick blender to meet your cooking style and kitchen needs. Here, we are about to mention some essential functionalities which must be present in your hand blender.

1- Material Construction

Body Material: The material of shaft, handle, and motor really matters a lot. Stick blenders with metal shaft are proved more convenient while blending lots of food. Actually, the stains on plastic materials can be shifted to food items while blending. Overall, the metal models are somehow tiring due to heavy weight, compared to them plastic made models are quite easy to use. 

Blade Material: The blades can be made of durable plastic or steel. The stainless steel or brushed chrome blades will cost more. To be precise, the blade material must be of metal due to increased durability. So, we always suggest you to prefer steel made blades over all other types to get more better results.

2- Speed and Power

These are substantial attributes which you consider before holding any best stick blender.

  • Speed: Speed in an important factor which can affect the quality of food you are preparing. According to your food type, you can pick one with low, high, or variable speed range. If you don’t know which will suit you best, then hold one and consider that the fast speed blenders are efficient to pulverize or blitz things, slow speed is good for emulsifying sauces or mayonnaise.
  • Power: On a clear view, for infrequent light things, you are required very high power. But for thicker items, you may need better power control. Abundantly, the 200W power is considered standard, as you go up both the speed and efficiency will be improved. More precisely, the 400-1000W range work perfectly for almost all kitchen needs.

3- Design and Comfort

The design of stick blender along with color, cord length, blade texture, and noise which it produces is worth considering before buying any best hand blender.

  • Blade Design: The blade design is quite effective is protecting you from any kind of splashes or tiresome efforts. Before grabbing any best stick blender, make sure that blades are not too raised to touch the bottom of pan and it must contain a blade guard to protect any accidental happenings.
  • Shaft Length: The shaft length must be considered before buying a best stick blender, it must be long enough to reach the bottom of bowl or pot. If it wouldn’t reach the bottom of pot, the layers of unprocessed ingredients will be left behind.
  • Power Cord: The length of cord depends on the model type and price spent. The cheap models mostly have inflexible, short cords, which not easily reach your dish trickier. You must select the length of cord according to your needs. Precisely, the cordless models have no cord at all, so they are very handy to use. But keep in mind that they are bit heavier and pricier.
  • Noise Level: Most of the stick blenders don’t produce much noise. But some cheap models produce loud noise while vibrating, and can become overheated. But price isn’t the only factor in lowering the noise level, the brand type and overall reviews must be kept in mind.

4- Ease of Use

Consider the following points to grab a best stick blender that cannot put you in any unseen effort.

  • Run Time: The run time varies from 10 seconds to hours depending on the food type and quantity. You must consider your needs before deciding the maximum run time of any stick blender.
  • Weight and Size: The ease of use of any stick blender highly depend on the weight of the machine and its size. One important thing is the perfect balance, your hand blender must be balanced regardless of weight and size. However, small and lightweight models are easier to use and handle.

  • Finger Controls: The control system might consist of buttons or dial. The buttons can give you handy control, but if you need to hold it while work then it might cause trouble. Anyway, you can choose one with dial system for more proficient controls.
  • Cleaning: To be honest, after work cleaning the blender can be the most tiring task if you are not holding the right model. Some people opt to dishwasher safe models, as they can save time but they might cause damage to blender parts. But if you want easy cleaning along with care of durability, then you must go for stick blenders which have come apart blade system, so you will find it easy to take off blades and effectively clean with withing no time. However, some stick blenders don’t have come apart blades, here you need to put some extra efforts, time, and need more care. Most important of all, don’t wash the blades right after blending, as the hot blades can damage easily so let them cool to room temperature before putting them in soapy water.

5- Added Accessories:

Most of the best stick blenders come with beakers, bowls, and jugs, to keep the chopped or blended ingredients in them. Additionally, you can also use them to measure food items or to blend them in the provided beakers or jugs for more precise operation. Moreover, some blenders come with multi-functional blades for chopping and pureeing. And an added wall mount is efficient to keep the blender close to the targeted place.  Some other accessories include whisk head, masher, food processor, frothing blade head, star blade head, splash guard, and pan guard.


Will stick blenders scratch pots?

A best stick or immersion blender can safely be used with compatible metal utensils. Additionally, the best models have incorporated plastic covered blade guards that make them less prone to cause any scratches on the pot surface. But keep in mind, try to choose the one which can guard your utensils too.

How do you use a stick blender without splashing?

Practice can make you perfect in this regard, bring the cutting blade to the top of food container in a way that it remains partially in the air and start blending near the top, then smoothly and slowly move it down the food to prevent any false splashing.

Can I use a hand blender in the non-stick pan?

To be clear, the hand blender can damage the non-stick coating by putting scratches or taking away the outer surface as we know that coatings are quite more prone to adverse effects. But that’s not the case with each coated pan, some durable non-stick coatings are quite hard and cannot easily catch any scratches, for them you can use the hand blenders with ease.

Final Thoughts

Preparing your own blended food items at home can be a great fun, and you can make it easy with the right blender. Stunningly, the best stick blender allows you to blend items in your saucepan besides pouring everything into a separate jug, hence they are quite easy to clean and operate. In this world of technology, where each product has a huge variety you might stuck while picking one. Don’t worry, we hope our reviewed items would prove beneficial for you!