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Best Sandwich Press Australia 2021

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If you are wondering that what is the best sandwich maker to buy in Australia, than you came to the right place. We provide you extensive reviews and guides of Best Sandwich Press in Australia. Tune in and find out more about best sandwich maker 2021. 

Toasted sandwiches lovers are increasing with every passing day, and hence the demand of best sandwich press is touching the peak. Whether you love to eat cheese toasties, strawberries waffles, or chicken panini, you need to come across the sandwich makers. The finest cheese toasties are cheap, quick, easy to make, and delicious to enjoy. Stunningly, the sandwich presses are evolved greatly over the past few years, and now the advanced models are excellent in heating and crisping the bread from outside, with the melted cheese dribbling out of the inside.

To be on solid ground, a paramount sandwich press is an excellent investment for your kitchen as they can allow you to enjoy professional style sandwiches at home. A mine of information, if you are annoyed of enduring marked down sandwiches at breakfast and lunch, it’s the right time to invest in an exclusive sandwich press to elevate your creations to the next level. To fulfil your needs, a variety of sandwich makers are available in the market, and we are here to help you pick the best model to fit your needs.

Out in the open, our handy buying guide will help you make the best purchase ever. After carefully screening dozens of products, we are come up with five top-notch products along with their detailed properties and downsides are discussed here.


Breville The Original 74, Brushed Stainless Steel BSG1974PSS
Breville The Original 74, Brushed Stainless Steel BSG1974PSS
  • Features:Material type: Brushed Stainless Steel, Style: 2 slice sandwich press, Weight: 3.3 Kg, Dimensions: 13 x 34 x 34 cm
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Breville Bsg540Bss The Toast & Melt 4 Slice Sandwich Press
Breville Bsg540Bss The Toast and Melt 4 Slice Sandwich Press
  • Features:Material type: Stainless Steel, Style: 4 Slice Sandwich Press, Weight: 5.1 Kg, Dimensions: 15 x 35 x 40 cm
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Sunbeam GR8210 Sandwich Compact Cafe Grill Sunbeam GR8210 Sandwich Compact Cafe Grill
  • Features:Material type: Stainless Steel, Style: Grill to hold different food items, Weight: 3 Kg, Dimensions: 33.1 x 13.1 x 30.3 cm
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Breville BTS100SIL The Big One Sandwich Maker Breville BTS100SIL The Big One Sandwich Maker
  • Features:Material type: Cast-Aluminum and plastic, Style: 2 slice sandwich press, Weight: 2.55 Kg, Dimensions: 13 x 29 x 28 cm
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Sunbeam GR8450B Cafe Grill - Brushed 4 Slice Toaster Sunbeam GR8450B Cafe Grill - Brushed 4 Slice Toaster
  • Features:Material type: Stainless Steel, Style: 4 slice sandwich press, Weight: 4.8 Kg, Dimensions: 37.8 x 13.2 x 35.8 cm
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Best Sandwich Press Australia

If you crave crunchy sandwich every now and then, it is better to get yourself best sandwich maker available in the market. And getting that best Panini press will save you bucks in the long run. We have reviewed some of the best sandwich press Australia to make the purchase decision easy for you. 

We all know Coffee is a must have thing with sandwich so get your self the best Coffee maker while you are here as well. 


  • Material type: Brushed Stainless Steel

  • Style: 2 slice sandwich press

  • Weight: 3.3 Kg

  • Dimensions: 13 x 34 x 34 cm

Breville The Original 74 Sandwich Press – BSG1974PSS

Up for grabs, Breville orignal 74 Sandwich maker is one of the best Breville Sandwich Maker Australia and has brushed stainless steel surface with the double capacity press that can be used to produce two jumbo sized cheese toasted sandwiches at the same time. The most attractive feature of this model is that the incorporated heating plates are quite larger than most conventional sandwiches available these days in the market. Above all, the compact design along with lightweight construction make it easy to save and carry anywhere along you. Additionally, the scissor action robotically cuts and seals the fillings.

Be glad to see the ease of cleaning, Breville Sandwich press is exceptionally easy to clean due to retro gorgeous design which gives this sandwich maker an ideal choice for many to cook perfect grilled cheese or toasted sandwiches. This Breville sandwich maker is a must have device in Aussie kitchens, after all it is one of the best sandwich press in Australia. To add more in the look and durability, the non-stick coating on the cooking surface prevents any spills during cooking operation and make it easy to clean. Pull yourself together, this sandwich press allows you to fill the bread to any height and the incorporated meticulously cuts produce perfect triangles with one single move. Moreover, the roomy sealing edges tend to minimize food spilling in hard to clean areas.

To put it into operation, you just need to put shiny silver switch into socket, load the plates with filled breads, lock the latch, and finally wait for a while until the green signal calls you to take your crunchy sealed sandwiches without burning your fingers. When it comes to ease, for secure and safe plates locking a storage clip perform this job by perfectly clasping both plates and the added rear foot makes it easy to store the machine in an upright position.

  • Unique Jumbo sized cooking plates.
  • Cord can be easily tucked away in the base.
  • Incorporated scissor to cut perfect triangles.
  • High-end stainless-steel construction to ensure durability.
  • Non-stick coating for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • The rear foot design demands more space.


  • Material type: Stainless Steel

  • Style: 4 Slice Sandwich Press

  • Weight: 5.1 Kg

  • Dimensions: 15 x 35 x 40 cm

Breville The Toast & Melt Sandwich Press - Bsg540Bss

As far as this model is concerned, the four-slice capacity make it an excellent choice for even bigger sized family. The innovative crush control hinge allows you to adjust the position of press according to your needs, and this feature attracting more customers which proves that this one of the best sandwich maker Australia. This assures the adjustable weight on the top to give a crispier feel, but never let to crush the material filled between the breads.

If you need to come up with the road map, you can adjust the top plate to one of four fixed height settings so that the inner plate makes direct contact with the cooking material, while top plate remains partially above to effectively melt the cheese. So, you can prepare flawless crispy sandwiches or toasties for the whole family.

To cook sandwiches, you just need to put up to four slices in the maker without keeping an eye on the height of filled material, lock the machine with added locking clips, and the indicator light will notify you about the initiation and completion of cooking cycle. This product works effectively on 220-240V of power supply, but you can use this product internationally by using any adaptor or step-down transformer if needed.

To prune out, the incorporated cooking plates are coated with premium non-sticky titanium material for easy cleaning and optimal food removal without putting more efforts. Most importantly, the stainless-steel body with heavy-duty aluminum cooking plates and cast-iron arms ensures the long lifespan to Brevelli Toast and Melt Sandwich Press. Additionally, the provided locking storage clip allows you to store in upright position to save space. Or to fit in anywhere

  • Adjustable Height Control
  • Non-stick coating for easy cleaning
  • Locking storage clip for smart space
  • Indicator lights for easy use
  • Durable heavy-duty material construction
  • Overall product is quite heavy.


  • Material type: Stainless Steel

  • Style: Grill to hold different food items

  • Weight: 3 Kg

  • Dimensions: 33.1 x 13.1 x 30.3 cm

Sunbeam Sandwich Grill - GR8210

Being high on the list, Sunbeam Sandwich Grill is best toasted sandwich maker Australia, comes with stylish stainless-steel housing, which is suitable for cooking sandwiches, meat patties and many more. The most attractive feature of this machine is the ribbed top and flat bottom plates to effectively grill the placed food from both sides which reduce the cooking time up to 50%. Moreover, the cooking surface is carved in a way that it can hold and distribute even heat throughout the area to allow thicker sandwiches preparation.

To maintain good shape of sandwiches, clever floating hinge can allow you to fill sandwiches with as many topping as you want. Stunningly, this dual BBQ grill and sandwich press has large capacity to cook multiple dishes at a time. The compact design makes it suitable to fit in low space cabinets. Additionally, the non-stick coating allows oil-free cooking and superior food release. The authentic grill marks on your food items give classic look to toasted meat, snacks, or sandwiches.

To ensure easy cleaning, Sunbeam Sandwich Grill is designed in a way to relive the cleaning troubles of the users, with the added non-stick coating which allow to clean it using a damp cloth. Moreover, the incorporated indicator lights allow you to monitor your food, the red signal shows that your food cooking is in process while green signal assures you that your food is now ready to take away. The handy cord wrap ensures easy use and transport to distant places.

  • Ribbed top and flat bottom for instant cooking.
  • Compact storage to adjust it anywhere.
  • Non-stick coating for oil free cooking and easy cleaning.
  • Excellent for cooking thicker sandwiches, snacks, and wraps.
  • Floating hinge for even food cooking
  • Not equally suitable for extra thick sandwiches


  • Material type: Cast-Aluminum and plastic

  • Style: 2 slice sandwich press

  • Weight: 2.55 Kg

  • Dimensions: 13 x 29 x 28 cm

Breville Sandwich Maker - BTS100SIL

To get on with your sandwiches, Breville sandwich maker can serve with you with perfectly toasted brioche, bread, croissants, and puff pastries. Actually, it can prepare two large toasties at a time. To meet bigger appetites, this bigger sandwich maker seals bread dough only around the edges which allows you to put more ingredients or dressings on each serving.

Ensuring tasty bit of food, this Breville sandwich maker has titanium based fused non-stick coating which prevents food sticking on the surface and permits convenient cleanup. To enhance the user’s experience, this sandwich press has cool touch plastic housing that remains cool while grilling operation. Stunningly, the deep pocket design makes this sandwich grill accurate for holding extra thick sandwiches, which proffer flexibility of adding as much fillings as you want to get better taste of sandwich housing.

Rooted in, the heavy duty die cast aluminum-based cooking plates are excellent in holding and distribute even heat throughout the cooking surface to provide crisper touch to your sandwiches. Additionally, the efficient press fits thicker cheese, extra tomatoes, or an extra more of anything. Undoubtedly, you will get your sandwiches done in minutes.

For smooth operation, this Breville sandwich maker operates on a power element of 1000W to make sure uninterrupted services, and a 220-241V electric connection is required for quick working. The indicator lights give ‘on’ and ‘ready’ signal with different colored light to let you sit back and take your sandwiches when they are fully cooked. Moreover, the provided cord wraps around the base to conceal excess wire when not in use and the press can stand uprights to conveniently store it even in small space.

  • Deep pocket design to fit in bigger fillings.
  • Compact storage with lightweight construction.
  • Easy to clean non-stick cooking plates.
  • Cord wraps in base to conceal excess wire.
  • Cool touch plastic housing for safe operation
  • It may not cut triangles perfectly


  • Material type: Stainless Steel

  • Style: 4 slice sandwich press

  • Weight: 4.8 Kg

  • Dimensions: 37.8 x 13.2 x 35.8 cm

Sunbeam Café Toaster Grill - GR8450B

To cutback your efforts, Sunbeam Toaster Grill is designed to let you taste professional style toasted sandwiches at your home. It allows you to cook up to four cheese melted snacks, toasted heavy sandwiches, or wraps. Excitingly, the floating hinge system maintains even pressure on your sandwiches to provide even toasting, and hence allows you to toast thicker sandwiches or wraps. To ensure durability, the stainless-steel housing along with Teflon platinum utensil safe coating is excellent in keeping this maker with you for decades.

To dig deep, the robust die cast metal arm with incorporated Roto dial can effectively lock the top plate to keep it above the food for swift 2-sided grilling, excellent to melt cheese and locks plates for effective compact storage. To ensure excellent durability, the professional three-layered non-stick coating save the surface from scratches and assures easy cleaning system. Above all, the plates lock for vertical storage option allows you to place it in any smart place. The added handle is handy to carry the machine anywhere and to safely open it after cooking.

To make a good case, the provided flat cooking plates proffer fast cooking and even browning and stop your sandwich from flattening. Intended to provide full safety, cool touch body system is introduced to let you pick your sandwiches without burning your hands. A power of 220-240V is required to effectively cook your sandwiches within minutes. Additionally, to make you feel comfortable while cooking, indicator lights are added which guides you about food processing time.

  • Cheese melt option to melt cheesy snacks.
  • Non-stick premium coating for easy operation
  • Floating hinge for even toasting.
  • Stylish brushed stainless-steel housing.
  • Incorporated plastic lock to ensure vertical space saving storage.
  • The provided indicator lights cover is not so strong.

Best Sandwich Press Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Sandwich Press – A User-Oriented Buying Guide!

To get mileage out of your choice, an ideal sandwich press must be the part of your kitchen to take your cooking game to the next level. But grabbing the best model in the market where thousands of choices are available, isn’t a piece of cake. Hold on, we can ease your life by giving you information about the excellent features which must be present in your sandwich press. So, read the given guidelines before making any choice.

Types of Sandwich Press

Where I stand, the sandwich press can be of two different types.

Panini Press

This sandwich press can make different types of sandwiches. Actually, its designed to act as a grill, but it can be the great replacement of a toaster. When it comes to design, it has plates on the top and bottom. It heats the food on closing, and excellent in preparing kebabs, burger patty, pancake, or cheese sandwiches.

Four-triangle Sandwich Maker

 Grounded in fact, this is the most common type of sandwich maker abundantly found in almost every home. It come with four square plates which can cut the sandwiches with built-in scissors along with the heating system. All you need to do is to fill the breads with prepared fillings and place it the maker to transform them to four triangular shaped sandwiches with 5-10 minutes.

Things to consider before buying Sandwich Press

Power and Capacity


Build on, the best sandwich press has power range of 700-2000W, but you may or may not the adjust the temperature (depends on the temperature gauge) according to need. For heavy use, we recommend you purchase high watt press with provided adjustable temperatures. The more power means even and quick food operation. Precisely, the fewer number of slices require less power to cook. But if your budget is low, you can opt to an electric sandwich press with no temperature gauge and less available power.


Another important factor to keep in mind is the over capacity of any sandwich press, for a large sized family you must choose the bigger sized press which can hold more breads at a time. Moreover, you must consider that how often you will use it, where you will put it, and what it will be used for.

Floating Hinge

Grounded in fact, the term looks fancy, but all this means that you can close your sandwich press at varying heights. More generally, it’s the ability of press lid to move up and down to permit you to accommodate foods of different heights. So, this function allows you to cook a tall sandwich prepared on a baguette as well as a shorter grilled cheese sandwich. To be clear, if your sandwich press doesn’t come with a floating hinge, then you may find yourself limited during putting the food inside the press. After coming up with the right model that incorporates this function, the next thing you must consider is the amount of float which you would work best for your favorite filling height and choose that machine which best suits your food taste and needs.

Surface Material

Plough its own furrow, the cooking surface material is one of the important factors that you must consider before holding a best sandwich press, because it will directly affect the performance and efficiency of your press. The most common type of materials which are currently been used are stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, and coated non-stick surfaces, each of which has its own plus and negative points. Above all, the cast iron and stainless steel are proved as more sturdier and scratch resistant, but they are quite expensive. But the most loved type of plates are non-stick coated plates which are both lightweight and durable.

To dig deep, if you are sandwich lover and going to use your sandwich press on daily basis, you may consider a model based on cast iron plates. But if you wish to use them less often, then non-stick coated surface would suit you best.

Handle Material

To be in good shape, the handle material of your sandwich press is also important in determining the lifespan and ease of use. Most commonly, people blame broken handles of these kind of machines which may be due to the cheaper plastic construction or improper handling. Actually, these types of materials are not designed to bear any kind of heat, and if they encounter, they might brittle or break quite easily. On the other hand, the steel incorporated handles can bear some heat and hence they are sturdier than the plastic ones.

Finally, we always recommend users to spend some extra money to grab a steel made handle press which will surely last longer.

Safety Consideration      

Be pressed for time, the sandwich press can get incredibly hot with some models attaining temperature more than 500 degrees, which is undoubtedly high to cause some serious injuries if you don’t know how to handle it carefully. To keep the safety feature in mind, you must look for insulated handles which permit you to open and close the press without using any towels or heat absorbing clothes. Hold on, some models of sandwich press have unmasked edges which can harm your finger, so try to keep your kids at a considerable distance.

Above all, some models of best sandwich press come with cool-balanced material, which remain at moderate temperature no matter how much time you spent on cooking the sandwiches on the cooking surface. To devour it completely, you must keep an eye on the incorporated locking mechanism. Make sure that the model you are going to purchase has efficient locking style which can keep your sandwiches in order and gives you secure feel. Additionally, the effective locking mechanism is also essential while storing the sandwich press for long time.

Indicator Light

To be high on the list, the indicator light is excellent option to keep you aware of cooking time and it can alarm you when your food is ready to take away. Almost all top-notch sandwich press come with indicator light, but some cheaper models are lacking in this regard. So, make sure to grab a model which can tell you when food cooking is under process and when your sandwiches are ready.


Can you put an egg in a sandwich press?

Honestly, the choice is entirely yours. All you need to do is heat up the sandwich press and pour 1-2 teaspoons of oil onto the cooking surface. Once the cooking area picks up the adequate heat, pour the egg mixture on both parts in even amount. But make sure to cook it about half the time compared to cooking in frying pan due to increased surface area and more available heat treasure.

Can you cook steak on a sandwich press?

Unquestionably, the boneless cuts of meat can be easily cooked in the sandwich press and in the same pattern the pork lion steaks cooked on the press almost always give better taste. But keep in mind that if your steaks have some fat in them, then you don’t need to put oil before cooking. While in case of meat, lightly sprinkle some sesame oil to flesh before pressing efficiently.

Final Thoughts

To through light on properties, the best sandwich press is an essential element of any kitchen to let you enjoy equivalent or better taste. The traditional sandwich toasters were difficult to operate, but the advanced models are equipped with more convenient technologies. To grab one best model out of hundreds, you just need to follow the discussed guidelines.