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Best Quilt and Doona Australia 2021

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Do you know for a healthy body and mind, the recommended hours of sleep time is 7, which accounts for 2,500+ hours in a year and almost 104 full days? Mind blowing isn’t it. Just imagine if you have to do something else for that much time you would be willing to spend thousands of dollars to get yourself comfortable, than why not make your sleep comfortable too with by getting Best Quilt for comfortable sleep?
If you need a quilt which feels as comfortable as it looks, and also gives you a Royalty look in your Instagram stories than congratulations, you are at right place. In this article we will tell you, what are the qualities of a best quilt, duvet or doona, you should look for when making the purchase decision. After all it will be your companion for a peaceful and comfortable sleep.
First we got to clear your mind with the unending confusion about the difference between a quilt, doona and a duvet. A duvet or doona is a large blanket stuffed with wool, silk or fibers. On the other hand a quilt is made of nice fiber layers on top of each other and are more decorative and nice looking. We thought to clear you mind because most of the time people not just in Australia, but around the world consider them the same thing. They are so similar that people just either ask for best doona Australia or best duvet Australia so here you will find them all.

Best Quilt Australia

Your struggle to find the best quilt Australia is over. We have found and reviewed the best doona Australia for you. Not just that, we know that your bed room will not feel complete without some other important accessories as well So we have also reviewed and published comprehensive guides on Best Pillow, Bed Sheets for all weather and the garment steamer to make them wrinkle free. 

Downia Gold Collection White Goose Down Quilt

In search of a warm quilt to fight off shivring cold nights? Well, you are in luck. The Downia Gold Goose Down is one of the coziest and best quilt for winter we have reviewed. This bad boy is stuffed with a combination of duck down and feathers and ranked number one on our list of best goose down quilt. The quilt is made of cotton and have thread count of 330. This makes it very soft and comfy. It also has Oeko-Tex certification.

Downia Gold Goose Down is very good look too. It’s outer walls have gold piping with make it very decorative. One thing which we noticed and which we really liked is that it does create sound at all when moving at night. So you don’t have to worry about that crinkly sounds anymore if you are a shallow sleeper.

After conducting a thorough research, we can say that it is made up of 80% goose down and just 20% feathers. This makes it understandable as to why on earth this quilt is so warm. Goose down is well known for its insulation which helps the quilt keeping the warmth from escaping. This is the same reasons why jackets worn in extreme cold areas are made up of goose down. Since we have told you all the benefits of goose down, we do want to say it may not be a very good option for our vegan friends here.

Our thoughts

Downia goose down quilt is one of the best doona available in the market. It is also the best doona in Australia and the best quilt for winters. It has the best quilt Australia title for a reason. This doona comes with a 10 year warranty and has Oeko-Texa certification. It is best goose down quilt  which fights off cold for you and keeps you warm and cozy. 

ecosa silk quilt

Your quest for “what is the best quilt for all seasons?” is over. The Ecosa Silk Quilt is one of the best quilt we have reviewed so far. It is comes in three different variants so it talks your need for summer, winter and autumn. This makes Ecosa Silk Quilt an all-rounder and one of the best doona you can get, regardless of where you live. This makes it rank first on our list of best quilt for all seasons. 

This quilt is a combination of both best quilt for summer as well as best quilt for winters. All you got to do is use it appropriately. The doona for winter is warm, and when we say warm you got to trust us for that. You will not be chilly anymore that we can say with full confidence. The winter variant is made up by combining summer and autumn doona. So to get the best deal we recommend that you purchase the winter variant. This way you will get two quilts which could be used all-around the year. Either it is summer, winter or autumn.

Not a fan of synthetic fibers and other material? Don’t worry, this doona comes with silk filling. The covers are made of cotton. The silk in soft cotton covers not just gives you luxury feeling but also make your bed very cozy and comfortable.

We know that summers can be a bit harsh on Aussies, this is why this quilt is our favorite. It is very lightweight and doesn’t let air get trapped under the doona. When it comes to winter simply combine the two variants and voila! You got the coziest bed in whole of Australia.

Did you really thought we will not consider environmental factor? It is our duty to protect Mother Nature. This particular duvet doesn’t consume any natural resources or fossil fuels at all. It is made up using sustainable and environmental friendly practices.

Our thoughts

Fashion, luxury and comfort go hand in hand to make a life full of joy. Ecosa Silk quilt is the best quilt for all seasons. It is mid ranges quilt with best possible details. It can be used throughout the year, in any season be it winter or summer, and this quilt will not disappoint you. It is also made up of non-toxic and environmental friendly products.

MiniJumbuk Cool Quilt

Living in a warm climate and looking for a best quilt for summer to cover yourself for a good night sleep? Don’t worry we got you covered. MiniJumbuk Cool Wool Cotton Quilt is the best quilt for summer. We noticed that this bad boy is the best quilt for hot sleepers. This duvet has two layers one Australian cotton and second Australian wool with 40% and 60% ratio respectively.

If you are one of those people who wakeup in the middle of sleep sweeting from head to toe, than this is the right doona for you. You will find this quilt very lightweight. The cotton cover also makes it silent, and produce minimum voice, especially important factor if you are shallow sleeper.

This doona doesn’t let the air trap inside the quilt so there is always a nice circulation of fresh air. This is especially important for people suffering with asthma and allergies. This also makes this quilt the go to choice of Aussies suffering with asthma and allergies.

The filling of 225 gsm cotton/wool helps the doona to maintain your body temperature. It helps you sleep well at night. One can say sleep just like a child. Treatment in ultra-fresh allows it to fight off dust mites so that people with allergies and asthma can sleep well too.

Our thoughts

If you are looking for best doona to enjoy sleep in a hot and humid climate, your quest is over. This is the best quilt for hot sleepers. It gives you sweat free sleep. It allows the air to circulate, regulate your body temperature. Due to its ability to regulate and maintain temperature inside, it can also be used in cold environment. This duvet is made up of a combination of wool and cotton. And guess what, if you ordered it and didn’t like at first sight, you can return it within 60 days of purchase.

MiniJumbuk Thermal Quilt

If you need a quilt for winters, there is no better option than the MiniJumbuk Thermal Wool Quilt. It has a very nice design as well as filling, which makes its insulation very effective. The covers is made up of 500TC cotton which give it really nice cozy and comfortable feeling. The filling is of 500GSM wool which is super soft and helps to maintain the body temperature.

The cotton cover is easy to remove and is washable using washing machine. So if you are one of those who just could not stop yourself from spilling shakes on the quilt, relax. This is easy to clean and manage.

This wool quilt is very light weight. This will not fell like any traditional quilt you have used before. Normal perception is that if a quilt is lightweight, it will not be warm enough to survive winters but in case of MiniJumbuk Thermal Wool Quilt, it is not the case.

This doona is has 5 layers which have Airlight technology. This allows it to trap and warm more air which ultimately improves your sleep. All the material used in this quilt are bacteria and odour proof because it has been treated in Ultra FreshTM.

Our thoughts

A thermal quilt made up of natural wool with a five year warrantee in this budget, what else you need? This is truly the best deal if you feel chilly during even autumn.  It is very lightweight and you will not feel like being trapped inside it, neither will you fee suffocated because the material used in it helps to breath inside the quilt.

For people who have allergies, asthma or any other such issues, choosing the best quilt for asthma patients is no less than a challenge. You never know if that quilt is going to help you or not unless you send the money on it. But not anymore. We have chosen best quilt for allergic people. This particular quilt is the best quilt for dust mite allergy.

The luxury High Loft DownTime Quilt is specifically made for people who are prone to asthma or allergies. The covers of these quilts are made up of 350 TC cotton sateen and the stuffing is done with polyester, which can be easily washed using the machine.

This quilt is not very hot so you can use it throughout the year be it summer or winter. Company gives it with a 5 year guarantee so you don’t have to worry about the quilt becoming useless. This luxury duvet comes with anti-microbial protection which helps you fight off harmful bacteria and keep your allergies away.

One thing we can say with surety is that you will not wakeup sweating neither will you feel shivering inside this duvet.  

Our thoughts

Downtime Luxury High Loft Quilt  is the best hypoallergenic quilt available in the market. It is the best quilt for dust mite allergy. It has all the features of a good doona. It is lightweight, have 5 year guarantee and most importantly can be used in winter as well as summer. It helps to maintain the temperature of the body. This doona is a true repeler of allergies and bacteria which can cause trouble for our allergic friends.

Best Quilt Buying Guide

How we pick the best one out

We usually start our research by considering CHOICE and Consumer but it turns out they do not review such things. Probably because it is a matter of personal preference and everyone looks for something which intrests them. Than we turned to, the only place where Aussies open up about the products they have purchased and express their feelings.

There are a lot of quilts rated on but we know that not all of them are worth testing so we selected top rated 12 quilts and read all the reviews others have posted about them. That gave us a general sense about the quality of doona. Than on the basis of reviews, we filtered the best 10 duvert.

We know when you come here you expect us to not relay on other reviews too much and give our opinion. That’s why we ordered all 10 duverts and tested them thoroughly on all points, such as comfort, cozyness, size etc. and choose only the best for you here.

 Important tings to consider before buying best quilts:

As we have mentioned quilts comes in different types for different purposes. There is o such thing as a universal quilt as these things base on personal preferences. So do not think that you can just go in a market and buy whatever you saw first.

Factors to consider before buying best quilt Australia


One of the major factor to consider before getting a quilt is to consider the climate situation. In places where it is generally hot you will need different quilt comparing to if you lie in cold regions.


Not all quilts can be washed every other day. Some can be washed only once or twice a season, so you have to be careful. If you are allergic to dust mites you should consider a quilt which either can be easily washed in a washing machine or a quilt made of wool which will kill the bacteria and keep your far away from allergies.

Your sleeping partner:

If you are not the only one who is going to be sleeping with you under that quilts, you should consider them as well. It is possible that when you are at easy due to the cozy quilt, your partner may be sweeting. To remedy this situation, you should buy a doona.

Washable by Machine:

To be fair, let’s not let this blessing convert into a chore when it comes to washing. Every now and then we all knock a glass of soda over the doona and not all quilts are made to handle such spills. So it is important to check if your quilt can be washed using a washing machine.


Researching about price is also a very important factor. You don’t want to get ripped off, do you? So we did price researches for you as well. It is better to compare prices with other doona as well to compare if you are getting value to money doona. On average you can find a good quilt made up of natural fibers under 200$.

Environment friendly:

As living in Australia it is our duty to protect and safeguard our environment and habitate. We recommend to avoid those quilts made up of animal products and instead buy those which are made up more sustainably. Those quilts will be environment friendly and leave less carbon footprint.

Reasons to spend more on Quilt:

Like it is said, Money attracts Comfort. If you are willing to spend more money than obviously you will get added benefits comparing to regular priced quilts. The quilts we are neither too expensive nor too cheap and are average priced.

Filling type

Doonas stuffed with fibers are cheapest. Then comes the duvets made up of wool which are a bit more expensive than fibers stuffing. Since you are willing to spend more money so you will be getting duvets with ducks down and goose down filling in them.


Quilts over the price of 500$ are not worth buying unless they have something extraordinary. Today all the big brands have launched their quilts which are posh and are available under 500$.


The ore you spend money on quilts the more thread count the covers of doona will have. It up to you to decide if it is worth it since you will be using doona covers most probably.


Final Thoughts

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