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3 Best Pillows Every Aussie Must Have in 2021

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So you have spent money on a nice comfortable mattress and also bought a luxury and comfy doona, still something feels missing? Well, it could be your pillow. Like mattress, sheets and doona, pillow matter too. You head rest is just as important as your body to truly enjoy the sleep. We brought you best pillow according to your sleep pattern and need because we know pillow matters too.

This include best pillows for side sleepers, best pillow for stomach sleepers, best pillow for neck pain and much more. If you are one of those people who feel frustrated to see the sheer number of options in the market, while purchasing something, don’t worry. You can browse through our list of best pillow in Australia and select which one you need.

Looking for a pillow to rest your head but cant find something reliable and comfortable? You are not alone. But now we have reviewed pillows of all kinds such as best pillow for sore neck, best pillow for side sleepers with neck pain, best down pillows and much more. All the pillows we have reviewed are the best pillows in Australia according to our findings.

All you got to do is read and decide which one do you need. If you are living in hot climate and even pillow with cool jell doesnt work well, get yourself on of these Best Portable Air Conditioner. 

koala pillow

If you are living in a hot and humid environment, we got the best pillow for hot sleepers like you. It is also my personal favorite as I have been using it for some time now and truth to be told, I was surprised to see Aussies love this pillow as well.

Now your quest to find best pillow for summer is over because Koala Pillow specifically to maximize the ventilation and keep a nice flow of air to minimize the heat and prevent your head from sweating. The both sides of the pillow have different feel. One side is a bit harder and resistant while the other side is soft as feather.

If you like to sleep on your back or side, these are the best pillows for you because they are made up of foam. They provide better sleep profile than down or polyester. The foam is not you regular foam. It is breathable foam which makes it easy for you to breathe even if you sleep on your stomach. The foam’s core has cooling jell which gets to the task as soon as you lay you head on the Koala Pillow and keeps it cool and dry. Additionally the two sides of the pillow gives people plenty of choice to choose from, this makes it the Aussies pillow.

If reading or listening Koala pillow reminds you of Koala and the nature, you are not alone. This reminds us how important it is to protect and safeguard our Mother Earth. That’s why ever purchase you made on Koala, the company put it aside to spend on planet and on nature.

Knowing that the products you are using are made sustainably and doesn’t harm the nature which you love the most, you can sleep peacefully as long as you want. The company also meet standards of CertiPUR-US® which ensures that what they are claiming are true. This pillow also comes with a 5 year warranty so rest assured, your investment is not going anywhere. 

Final verdict:

If you are living in a summer or hot climate Koala Pillow is the best pillow for summers you can get in Australia. It is one of the highest rated pillow on as well. It will not only keep your head cool and prevent it from sweating while you sleep, it also has two different sides. One is soft and the other one is resistant so you can enjoy whichever you want.

It is made up of environment friendly material and the company has pledged to spend 1% on planet of the total revenue. Definitely the best pillow for hot sleepers.


It is always recommended to consult your doctor as soon as possible. Aside from medicine there is something you can do for yourself, choosing the best pillow for neck pain. Yes, pillow for neck pain relief is really helpful. According to users on Ecosa Pillow is best for neck pain.

The Ecosa pillow supports the neck by gently holding your head so you can sleep peacefully and wakeup without any tension in neck. The pillow is made up of memory foam which is ideal in this situation.

Another feature the pillow has is that it is height adjustable. You can adjust the pillow’s heigh however you want using the elevation pads in it. Just like we told you, there is no such thing as universal pillow, you can increase or decrease the height according t oyour shoulder alignment and your habit.

If you are allergic to dust and even the thought that bacterial may call your pillow home, don’t worry. Ecosa pillow is made up of active charcoal memory foam. The charcoal doesn’t allow the bacterial or that strange smell to grow and thus keeps you healthy both physically and mentally.

For hot sleepers here, you can also use this pillow as well. Ecosa have done extensive research to come up with a system which makes the air flow easy and keeps the moisture and heat minimum. So no more sweaty mornings. The cover of the pillow is removable and can be washed using your washing machine at home.

After purchase let’s just say it is not your type you can simply return it and get a refund. The Ecosa comes with a 100 days trail and warranty.

Final verdict:

Ecosa pillow is the best pillow for sore neck. It keeps your neck comfortable and provide maximum relief. The pillow made a cut on our list because it keeps a nice flow of air beneath and keeps prevent your head from sweat and heat on warm nights. The pillow is heigh adjustable with two elevation pads. The pillow also comes with two compression bags which makes it best travel companion.

For side sleepers, it is important to keep your neck aligned with the backbone and support your head to avoid soreness in the neck. The Downtime Luxury High Loft Pillow is the best pillow for sleepers like you. It has filling of 800GSM high loft polyester fiber which gives you very soft surface to put your head without breaking its form or becoming too squishy.

The pillow is also hypoallergenic as it is treated with Ultra Fresh Protection. One thing which we here at love most about it is that it can be washed in washing machine without any problem.

It has nice circulation of air so it maintains the temperature and can be used in all seasons. You will neither wake up sweating nor shivering. The pillow gives a very luxury yet comfy feel. It’s cover is made up of cotton which has 375 thread count. You will get the feeling similar to a luxury hotel room with this pillow.

The only thing we didn’t like about the pillow was that once bought there is no going back. You cannot return the pillow after purchase but the pillow has a 5 year warranty so you don’t have to worry about it.

Final verdict:

If you are one of those side sleeper who like to rest their head on soft pillow which can also support their neck and shoulders, the Downtime Luxury High Loft Pillow is just the thing for you. It is the best luxury pillow for side sleepers.

Best Pillow in Australia - Buying Guide

How we pick:

To narrow down our research, we always start by checking Aussies reviews on because it turn out Aussies love helping other to select the perfect product for their need. So we search for best pillows and selected pillows which stood out in term of reviews. We found 3 pillows which had combined 600+ reviews so we added them in our list.

Furthermore to authenticate what we found on, we rigorously tested selected 10 pillows and narrowed it down to 6 which we presented to you. But before making any final decision we also looked at Australia’s largest customer advocacy community CHOICE and followed their points on pillow and sleep.

Important features to consider

We all know Australians like to do their research before purchasing anything. So here are some factors which should be considered before picking out your ideal pillow.

Sleep position

Sleep position matters, like a lot. Such as if a person is side sleeper he will have to get a bite high pillow to align back and neck. Aussies who most likely sleep on their back will need medium pillow neither too high nor too low, on the other hand people who sleep on their stomach will need a real thin pillow so their neck don’t hurt in the morning. At the end its just preference and preference.


Material too matters a lot. Different type of materials gives the pillow different characteristics. Such as pillows made up of latex and foam are usually more firm comparing to the pillows made up of cotton, down, Polyester and wool pillows which are softer.


The standard size of a pillow is 51*66cm, but what if you have sewed together a nice cover for pillow you are planning to get and turns out it doesn’t fit well. Yes, it can happen. Even though most of the pillows have same size but still some pillows could be a little smaller or larger.


It is important to consider climate before you make up your mind. Pillows used in winters are different from those used in summers. You might want to choose pillows which have nice air circulation for summers to keep you from drowning in you sweat.


If you are one of those who like to eat and drink in their comfortable bed, you should choose for pillows which can be washed in washing machine because not all pillows can be washed that easily. It will help you greatly in case you found yourself in a bit of spill accident on your pillow.


Hypoallergenic pillows are also available in the market. So if you are allergic or have any respiratory problems you should choose a pillow with anti-allergy certifications. Beside that you should also buy covers which are dust mites-proof.

Perks of spending more on pillows:

The pillows start from as low as 5$ to over 500$. It totally depends on you how much you want to spend. According to our research, you can find a nice high quality pillow in around $120-$140.


Obvious one, quality. An expensive pillow brings with it better quality. The pillow will last longer and have longer warranty then the cheaper ones.

Production Technology:

New and improved technologies are applied in everything these days. Same goes for pillows. Expensive pillows are made using better technologies and innovation which make them last longer and give more comfort to you.


When companies work ethically such as use sustainable ways to gather raw material and pay reasonable wages to employees, obviously it also increases the cost. So if you are spending more money and buying some premium product, most probably you will be helping the nature and the workers.


If you are into luxury products which not just look great but also feel good then you got to spend more dollars. When you will be spending more money on pillows, you can expect top-notch pillows made up of organic material with nice touch of luxury.

Final Thoughts

Keeping the long story short, we have brought you Best pillow Australia 2021. The Best pillow in Australia are specifically carved to provide you the best sleep companion. Since every body has different sleep style, to cater everyone’s need we have reviewed bed pillows of all sort such as best pillow for sore neck, best pillows for stomach sleepers, best pillows for neck pain, bed pillows, best down pillows  and much more. 

These pillows help you sleep better, all you got to do is choose the best bed pillow keeping in mind your sleep style and your climate.