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Best Garment Steamer in Australia

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If you are one of those people who use hair straightener to get rid to creases from your clothes every morning or you are a person who simply don’t like to wear clothes if they are not ironed to perfection, then you are at right place. You can use a garment steamer to for that job and make your life easier and comfortable.

We know that almost like everything else choosing a good iron steamer which will not only meet your needs but also last longer is not an easy task. Not anymore. We are here to guide you about clothes steamers which are out there in market and are best for your use and garments types. To do that we have done hours of research testing and analyzing best steamers for garments and compiled a comprehensive list for your ease.   

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Best Garment Steamer

Sunbeam Power Garment Steamer ​

This mid ranged garment steamer the best laundry power tool loved by Aussies because it is reliable and compact. It has better than average steam time and gives you ability to save your finger from cramps by putting trigger lock. It provides all that one can expect from a best clothes steamer. Having a 2 year warranty gives additional peace of mind.

We did our research and finally found out why Aussies love Sunbeam Power Steam the most. It is very comfortable to use and is ideal for home tasks. It can hold water up to 300ml which gives it a nice 20 minutes straight uninterrupted supply of steam. It has trigger lock so you can relax your finger from getting all cramped up every time you do steaming. Another notable thing is that it heats up quickly so it makes tasks quick and easy.

The sunbeam garment steamer is one of the best midrange handled garment steamer you can find in Australia. It is a steamer which can be used both vertically and horizontally, which means it can adjust to your need. It has decent water capacity of 300ml which gives it a 20 minutes of continuous steam for uninterrupted steaming session. Another notable thing, which we found very attractive is that it heats up really fast. You don’t have to wait or steam again and again, so it saves time and make steaming garments less frustrating.

Although it looks small and look more like a cordless drill machine at first look, which gives the impression that it will not be very effective. You will be surprised as how much power it has. It is ideal for home and is a must tool for laundry and garments. It also comes with a 2 year warranty so you don’t have to worry about its reliability.

We check this steamer just to make sure we are not over exaggerating, to our surprise on it is rated as 4.6 which gives our finding a confidence boost.

  • 20 minutes of uninterrupted steam
  • Fast Heat up
  • Trigger locking system
  • Can be used both horizontally and vertically
  • Cordless
  • Might feel heavy after intensive use

Final Words

This mid ranged garment steamer the best laundry power tool loved by Aussies because it is reliable and compact. It has better than average steam time and gives you ability to save your finger from cramps by putting trigger lock. It provides all that one can expect from a best clothes steamer. Having a 2 year warranty gives additional peace of mind.

Tefal IXEO Garment Steamer​

If you are in search of best clothes steamer for some extensive clothes steaming at home, then this is your dream come true. Tefal IXEO steamer is one of the best steam iron cum steamer. It has its own soleplate just like an iron. You can get rid of your iron forever thanks to the IXEO steamer. It also consist of a nice ironing board which gives added advantage to this steamer.

This steamer has separate water tank with capacity of 11L water. The water tank can also be removed if needed. This huge tank gives the IXEO steamer ability to generate steam for up to 90 minutes uninterrupted. The steam can be boosted up to 200g/min. It is based on steady structure with wheels so no place is out of range as it is very mobile and cheery on top is that its base can also be removed to get it to the place where it won’t be able to otherwise.

We all know ironing is never a fun task. It is always treated as a chore instead of an activity which we look forward to. Not anymore, Yes it doesn’t have to be like that. Thanks to Tefal IXEO all-in-one garment steamer. This steamer is a combination of both a steam iron and garment steamer. It has a smooth soleplate which makes it effective to use.

This steamer also has board which can be very helpful if you intend to use steamer on large clothes such as sheets etc. So this makes it ideal to use this steamer on curtains and bed linen. The board is adjustable and the board can be adjusted horizontally, vertically and at 30 degrees, so cover all you need.

It also heats up really fast with a nice throw of steam. It can generate steam for up to 90 minutes uninterrupted. This board has also been reviewed by CHOICE and, which back our opinion on this garment steamer.

  • Adjustable board
  • Huge water capacity
  • 90 minutes of steam time
  • High pressure steam
  • Easy to use
  • A little expensive than traditional steamers

Final Words

The combination of steam iron and garment steamer, Tefal IXEO is one of the best heavy duty steamer for garments. It is ideal for some serious work. It has a soleplate of iron and is handheld like a traditional garment steamer. It has adjustable board, quick heating system, large water tank, high steam output and easy to move sturdy structure. Although a little expensive nut definitely work every penny in long run.

Kambrook SwiftSteam Garment Steamer​

If you need a garment steamer which is cheap, lightweight and ideal for final touchups before going out, than Kambrook SwiftSteam is for you. It is best portable garment steamer with removable water tank and is available in low budget.

If you are looking for best garment steamer in Australia in low budget, this is your lucky day. We have reviewed over 10 steamers, all cheap and expensive included but truth tobe told this is our personal favorite.

It is simple to use, light weight, with decent water capacity of 250ml. It seems good to grip as it is small but still very useful. We also considered other users experience as well by looking it on and to our surprise, regardless of being small and cheap it still had highest ratings.

Major attraction of this steamer is that it is cheap yet solid built, small, lightweight and portable. One thing which is worth informing you is that it cannot replace iron. It is for touchups after ironing and before wearing the clothes.

  • Ideal for touchups
  • Portable
  • Budget friendly
  • Removable 250ml tank
  • 15 mins of low steaming time

Final Words

If you are one of those, who are perfectionist and always need to do minor touchups before wearing the clothes then this is the right steamer for you. It is cheap, lightweight, and portable. Not to mention it is also small in size and can be an ideal travelling companion.

Philips Steam&Go Garment Steamer​

Need a garment steamer which can be used both vertically and horizontally? Well, you have found one. Phillips Steam&Go is a Stylish and compact steamer which is ideal for garments of all sorts.

Philips Steam&Go has a smartflow soleplate which you can use without worrying about burning clothes. This steamer can reach in areas where traditional cannot so it gives an advantage over traditional steam iron. This steamer is small in size so you can move it with you as you travel buddy, wherever you go.

It consist of smart flow technology which ensures that the temperature of the soleplate is ideally adjusted according to the type of the garment you are using it on. This gives its user added peace of mind it on delicate clothes.

  • Small yet robust
  • Compact build
  • SmartFlow technology
  • Heated soleplate
  • Small water tank of 70ml

Final Words

Steam&GO Garment steamer from Philips is one of the best garment steamer available in Australia.

Sunbeam Butler Turbo Steamer​

Sunbeam Butler Turbo is a heavy duty robust garment steamer. It can be used for all kinds of garments and clothes. It gives 5 steam setting and have large water tank of 3L which gives long and uninterrupted sessions of ironing, or if we may say joy.

This steamer gives 2000w steam and have auto shutoff feature, just in case you forget to turn it off. Aussies gave it a really nice rating on and not just that has also been reviewed by Choice. This is hands down one of the best garment steamer 2021 has to offer in this price range. You can say that it is the cheapest heavy duty garment steamer available in Australia.

The main attractions of this steamer is rotating garment hanger, 5 steam options, standby auto shutdown and large water tank. It can be used for all type of fabric such as linen, delicate synthetics and silk.

  • Cheap yet heavy duty
  • Large water tank
  • 2000W of power
  • Quick start
  • Wheels may not work well on tiles

Final Words

Sunbeam Butler Turbo is one of the cheapest yet robust garment steamer we have tested. It is idea for heavy duty work. Its large water tank allows us to do uninterrupted sessions without having to stop for refilling water. Definitely worth every penny.

Best Garment Steamer Australia - Buying Guide

Things to Look for in a Garment Steamer

Truth to be told: Not all garment steamers are worth spending money on. There are a lot of things which can have impact the decision making when busying garment steamer, one more important than other. Due to that we have compiled a list of features and factors which should be considered when buying clothes steamer.

Type of steamers: handled or upright

You can say that garment steamers are divided in two broad categories. On is a traditional steamer which is upright garment steamer, the other one is more modern and portable which is handled garment steamer.

Upright clothes steamer is our traditional steamer which consist of a hanger. You simply hang your clothes on the hanger and use the steamer head to steam the clothes. They usually have large water tank at the bottom and the steamer head is connected to the water tank with a hose. If you look thoroughly you can also find the steamers with wheels which makes it easier to use and then store without having to lift it.

On the other hand, handled cloth steamer give a more modern look. They takes less space and are portable. These steamer have triggers just like drill machine, you press the trigger and it will start working. These steamers are easier to use and store as they are small in size and weight very less than traditional steamers. One drawback is that they are not good if you need steamer for more extensive work as they have small water tank on their base.

Water tank capacity:

After choosing which type of clothes steamer you need, either upright or handled, next step is to look for their water capacity. First you have to make the decision that how extensively are you going to use the steamer.

If you have more extensive use of steamer than you will need a bigger water reservoir which will last long and produce steam longer without the interruption of filling again. But keep it in mind, a bigger tank will also increase the weight of the steamer, thus making it difficult to use in some scenario.

In this case you should opt for upright steamer which can also replace the iron if you like. On the other hand in case of handled steamers the ideal recommended tank size is 300-350ml which kind off provides a balance between the weight and the time length of steam.

Steam Trigger locks

Although it doesn’t seem an important thing but still you should still consider this. When performing long sessions with the steamers, it is a help if you press the steam trigger and simply lock it there. By doing this you will save some energy and the cramp in the finger. On the other hand if you have small steamer than it doesn’t matter because that steamer will not last longer and you have to stop in order to fill the water tank anyways. 


Truth to be told, garment steamers comes in a large range of prices. It starts from 50$ and can go all the up to 600$. It really depends on the functionalities of the steamer. But we do not recommend you to spend very large amount because after all it’s just a steamer.

Generally an upright clothes steamer is little more expensive than a handled steamer. It is because an upright ferment steamer usually gives more features than a handled garment steamer. You can get a good mid-ranged upright steamer from 110$ to 300$. On the other hand a handled steamer can be bought below 150$.

Benefits of getting expensive garment steamer

Got some extra bucks laying around? Well, it’s time to put them to good use. There is no doubt that with a little extra price comes much improved quality and features. If you are ready to spend some extra money on garment steamers, here is what you will be getting in return.


We have noticed that cheaper steamer tend to get faulty more often than anticipated and it’s not just us, we also looked on to other users and recorded their views. One complaint which we heard the most was that cheaper steamers had poor not just the build quality but also the wiring within. This make us think that it could be a serious hazard to use the cheap poor quality garment steamers.


When spending hard earned money, one expects more than just a guarantee. When spending more than average on a steamers you should also look for a longer warranty period. This will give you a peace of mind that your money isn’t going down the drain. If anything happens to the steamer you will be sorted out by the company. 

Smart board

You should lookout for steamers which consist of adjustable smart board. After all you are spending extra money. This will truly give you value to money. These smart board are similar to ironing boards and usually comes with expensive upright clothes steamers.


Last but not least, an expensive steamer will be not just user friendly but also have good design. You will not think this as a chore anymore that I can tell. The improved design will look good as well as improve usability and the whole experience.

Final Thoughts:

When it comes to garment steamer, it is a must own laundry power tool everyone must have. Every once in a while feels the need of a good steamer. The need may vary from person to person, some might need the steamer for final touchups other may want to get rid the old iron. has dedicated to provide you best iron steamers in Australia. You can find all type of steamers here from, handheld portable steamer to all in one steamers. There are several things which should be considered before buying the perfect steamer.

Our review reveled that Sunbeam Power Steam, Tefal IXEO and Kambrook SwiftSteam are the three most reliable and widely used garment steamers in Australian homes. They are cheap and are very good in making your garments just right to wear.


What is a garment steamer?

A garment steamer is devise which uses water to generate steam. The steam is than propelled onto garments to relax the fibers and make the clothes wrinkle free.

What is difference between steam iron station and garment station?

A steam generator iron is different from garment steamer. Traditionally garment steamer doesn’t come with soleplate but now there are hybrid versions available such as Tefal IXEO which falls between both garment steamer and steam iron station.

What is the use of a garment steamer?

A garment steamer is usually used for touchups on color and cuffs but it is not limited to that. Depending on the type of steamer you can use it to make anything including your bed sheets and curtains wrinkle free.