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Best Cold Press Juicer Australia 2021

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If you are looking for the Best Cold Press Juicer, You hunt is over. Nomad’s Guide  have tested over 15 cold press juice machine and reviewed 5 of the best cold press juicer in Australia. Here you can find all types of best juicers including Omega juicer reviews, Breville cold press juicer reviews, Hurom juicer reviews and much more.

On the clear ground, juicing is the planned way to boost up your fruits and vegetables intake. This all could be achieve by grabbing a juicer, which might be of any type. What kind of juicer is best to extract healthy juice? Believe it or not, the cold press juicers are carved to inject some more nutrients or vitamins to your diet. Approved to be the best juicers for maintaining antioxidants and vitamins from vegetables and fruits through the drink, the cold press juicers are favorite among people who want a health kick.

Digging around, the cold juicers work at a slower revolutions rate per minute to completely crush the vegetables and fruits, instead of just shedding them away. Undoubtedly, juicing has been around us for decades, but the trend of cold juicing is becoming hotter these days. Mainly what’s the difference between two? Actually, traditional juicers operated at 3500 to 10,000 RPM, while the cold juicers operate at 80 to 250 RPM to let you take the mileage of both worlds. Stunningly, the best cold press juicers are designed to offer you with great juicing experience than ever before with the great health benefits and more tastier juices. All in all, the cold press juicers are here to provide you nutritious drinks. 

Coming to the market, there are tons of different cold press juices are available, and the some are much better than the others. Which one would suit you best? To answer this question, we have reviewed five high-end cold press juicers which could take your juicing experiences to the next level!

Omega NC1002HDC Cold Press Juicer
Omega NC1002HDC Cold Press Juicer
  • Features:Brand: Omega Juicers, Color: Chrome, Material: Plastic and chromium finished, Weight: 5.8 Kg, Dimensions: 47 x 15.4 x 31.2 cm
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Hurom Edge H-AK-NBF21 Press Health Slow Juicer Machine
Hurom Edge H-AK-NBF21 Press Health Slow Juicer Machine
  • Features:Brand: Hurom, Color: Deep Wine, Material: ABS, Stainless Steel, Weight: 1 Kg, Cord Length: 1.4 M
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Homgeek Juicer, Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor, Cold Press Juicer Homgeek Juicer, Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor, Cold Press Juicer
  • Features:Brand: Homgeek, Color: Silver, Material: Stainless Steel, Weight: 8.66 Pounds, Dimensions: 31 x 31 x 21 cm
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BioChef Atlas Cold Press Juicer BioChef Atlas Cold Press Juicer
  • Features:Brand: BioChef, Color: Black, Red, Material: BPA free plastic, Weight: 6.15 Kg, Dimensions: 16 x 23.5 x 39.5 cm
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Breville The Juice Fountain Cold Plus Fountain Juicers Breville The Juice Fountain Cold Plus Fountain Juicers
  • Features:Brand: Breville, Color: Brushed Stainless Steel, Material: BPA free plastic, Weight: 7.96 Kg, Dimensions: 33.4 x 21.9 x 44.8 cm
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Best Cold Press Juicer Australia

As always we have brought to you the best cold press masticating juicer reviews.  We hand picked 20 best cold press juicer on the market and did extensive testing on them to pick the best juicer Australia. 

All you got to do is read and decide which one do you need. While you are here, You can also find out which are best stick blender to get if you live in humid areas. 


  • Brand: Omega Juicers

  • Color: Chrome

  • Material: Plastic and chromium finished

  • Weight: 5.8 Kg

  • Dimensions: 47 x 15.4 x 31.2 cm

Omega NC1002HDC Cold Press Juicer

To be at crossroads, Omega Cold Press Juicer is innovatively designed to deliver dense body nutrients perfectly at health standards. The most stunning feature of this Omega Juicer is that it can process the whole celery stalk without putting you in effort of chopping it into small pieces, which is made possible by oval shaped chute. Additionally, this juicer is self-feeding, means you don’t need to force it in the direction of auger. If you want to get good mileage out of it, you can cut your celery into around 4cm pieces according to the suggested health concerns. If you are searching to make juicing celery and leafy greens convenient, then this model is perfectly for you.

We also studied omega juicer reviews on several consumer product websites and found that this is not only the best Omega Juicer in Australia but also the best cold press juicer Australia. Omega nc900hdc and omega nc1002hdc both are great jusicers but we prefer this one over omega nc900hdc for obvious reasons. 

In order to make it an ideal cold press juice machine, the juicer along with the food processor is placed in the single machine to let you take the advantage of both worlds. Actually, Omega Cold Press Juicer comes with extra accessories that can convert your juicer to the living food processor means it allows you to produce nutrients marked food such as nut milk, nut butter, bread sticks, sorbents, bliss balls, and pasta with the additional ability to grind almost all spices and let you to create different frozen desserts and many more. Indeed, it offers endless versatile opportunities to inspire new ideas. Its feature to juice celery stalk over and over again is taking the heart of many.

Gigging around, Omega Cold Press Juicer proffer quiet operation with low RPM speed, so you can make it functional without the fear of waking the neighbors to let you use it at any time of the day. When it comes to construction, the BPA free plastic is used and the whole body is finished with chromium to impart durable, classy look, and its horizontal design tend to make it more stable and study at the place. Moreover, the pulp adjustment nozzle doesn’t allow the creation of much pulp than required and tend to reduce the foam production. Above all, this cold juicer is quite easy to clean and comes with 10-years warranty.

  • Maximum extraction due to adjustable end cap
  • Designed to offer quiet operation
  • Dry pulp, along with high juice yield
  • Automatic pulp ejection for automatic juicing
  • No heat-rise to offer healthier juicing
  • Switchable to act as food processor
  • Price may be high


  • Brand: Hurom

  • Color: Deep Wine

  • Material: ABS, Stainless Steel

  • Weight: 1 Kg

  • Cord Length: 1.4 M

Hurom Edge H-AK-NBF21 Cold Press Juicer

To get on with Hurom Edge Cold Press Juicer, you must know it first that it comes in 220V functioning so you would need to buy a voltage converter for 110V. When it comes to the versatility, its equally beneficial for making juices of vegetables. Fruits, nuts, soybeans, leafy greens, tofu, and many more. Stunningly, Hurom juicer comes with small footprint, designed in an easy to clean structure, and its self-feeding functions does lots o work for you, so this juicer is taking the heart of many.  Hurom juicer is not only the best slow juicer but also one of the best cold press machine.

Digging deep, Hurom Edge H-AK juicer can produce more juice, and its greatest yield is due to the preparatory blade in the hopper and the slow RPM speed which equally benefits you around the globe. Additionally, it produces less foam and pulp free juices to let you take the advantage of both worlds. In addition to make the juicing deal easier, it takes up a little space on your kitchen counter. Its vertical storage design is exemplary for smart spaces to keep it store after use. When putting it to performance, its just ready to operate after switching it on and the tap like nozzle to take your juice is an excellent attempt to offer you with fresh juice without any delay. On top of that, the marked juice holder container eases your life, as just by seeing it you would know that when to stop making juice as it will reach to the desired mark.

To take good mileage out of it, the auger works exceptionally, when anything we put in the dual hopper it made it through to the auger and come out as the juice by separating the pulp from the juice it proffers you with exactly what you need. Additionally, the integrated control lever and the fine coarse strainers permit you to control the pulp amount to suit your taste. In order to provide efficient and easy cleaning, almost all the parts can be separated.

  • Vertical alignment for smart space
  • Perfectly stable and lightweight
  • Easy to clean due to detachable parts
  • You can control the amount of pulp
  • Self-feeding hopper to provide excellence
  • Integrated Coarse strainer and lever
  • A bit pricey
  • Needs ample vertical space to operate well


  • Brand: Homgeek

  • Color: Silver

  • Material: Stainless Steel

  • Weight: 8.66 Pounds

  • Dimensions: 31 x 31 x 21 cm

Homgeek Juicer Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor
Get you act together, Homgeek Juicer Extractor is designed to act as a slow cold press juicer which is efficient in extracting veggies and fruit juices with healthier nutritional value. It comes with 200W motor and the slow extracting speed of around 80rmp which made it an excellent choice for health-conscious people. Stunningly, this juicer offers outranked juice yield of around 50% more compared to normal juicers which is made possible by squeezing auger and a reverse button. All the options are provided in the single button to give classy look, which is labelled as On, R-Reverse, and O-Off to let you deal it instantly, and you are allowed to press the R-button for around 5 seconds to take ingredients up if they ever get stuck. Ahead of the curve, Homgeek Juicer Extractor offers the juice with no foaming and almost no clogging and hence the juice will be tastier and fresher, and full of nutrients to a healthy level due to less fractional heat generated by the slow speed motor. Besides offering excellent performance, this cold press juicer assures durability due to stainless steel container which is quite easy to assemble and disassemble to offer you with less cleaning efforts. Amazingly, the twisting force and low rpm speed imparts the most attractive feature of separating juice and fruit pulp very excellently if you really want pulp-free juice but considering the health standards a little bit of fibers must be there. To dig deep, this cold press juicer can cut the fruits or vegetables into smaller pieces to offer you with unequalled performance by avoiding any clogging when coming across the leafy vegetables. Additionally, the provided juice cap allows you to store or mix different juices without wasting anything or creating any mess. On the top of all, Homgeek Juicer Extractor comes with a micro-mesh filter, squeezing chamber, fruit pusher, top cover, and auger. What else do you need?
  • Slow extraction to get more vitamins and nutrients
  • High juice yield due to auger and reverse function
  • Provides excellent juice mixing and storing
  • Easy to clean due to detachable parts
  • High power motor with slow rpm speed
  • Not completely mesh free
  • Not suitable for squeezing oat, sugarcane and cereal


  • Brand: BioChef

  • Color: Black, Red

  • Material: BPA free plastic

  • Weight: 6.15 Kg

  • Dimensions: 16 x 23.5 x 39.5 cm

BioChef Atlas Slow Masticating Juicer
Saunter through life, BioChef Atlas Slow Juicer has a small counter part and its parts which come in direct contact with the food are carved using BPA-free plastic to ensure your health safety. The most stunning feature of this slow juicer is the novel self-feeding technology to direct the ingredients down to the chute at a destined angle and speed. Additionally, the broad mouth of this juicer eliminates the need of chopping or slicing the vegetables to provide you with the juice full of nutrients. Plus, the less required time allows you to make juices even in limited time. Ahead of the curve, BioChef Atlas Slow Juicer comes with two openings, one to drop lengthy products directly to the gimlet and the other is there to take in the leafy greens or other such heavier ingredients. Surprisingly, the integrated self-feeding mechanism make it suitable even for children to operate it safely and it also prevent the over-heating or breaking of the machine to proffer durability. The included food pusher saves you to put any extra force and the screw auger with the aid of gravity can aid almost all the works. Furthermore, with the help of three provided strainers you can control the pulp content according to your taste and needs. Plus, the added sieve attachment can further lower the pulp and fiber content. To dig deep, BioChef Atlas Slow Juicer comes with 35oz container to hold juice for at least two people at a time. It also contains the juice bowl with the integrated flow-spout and the cap attachment to proffer easy mixing of the ingredients. When it comes to speed, this juicer rotates at 40 RPM to provide excellent yield and less oxidation which helps the juice to sustain fresh up to 48 hours in the refrigerator. Moreover, this slow juicer is easy to operate which make it an ideal choice for newbies, but equipping your head with the techniques for handling the unit it radical.
  • Spout cap at the outlet allows easy rinsing among recipes
  • It’s exceptionally slow masticating juice
  • The design is suitable for both bulky and long items
  • Its carved using BPA-free TRITAN plastic
  • The chute sculpturing lowers the need of pre-cutting the ingredients
  • Can produce pulpy juice
  • Parts are not dishwasher safe


  • Brand: Breville

  • Color: Brushed Stainless Steel

  • Material: BPA free plastic

  • Weight: 7.96 Kg

  • Dimensions: 33.4 x 21.9 x 44.8 cm

Breville The Juice Fountain Cold Plus Fountain Juicers

On the clear ground, Breville Juice Fountain Cold Plus comes in space saving design with the incorporated cold spin technology. Its quite more elegant and refined than the similar priced items. Surprisingly, it has won the award of best centrifugal juicer, best overall juicer, and the best breville juicer. It is one of the best budget masticating juicer, due to the fact that it is budget friendly jucer, it is also one of the highest selling Cold Press Juicer Australia. Ahead of the curve, it comes in L-shape form to fit in smaller counter spaces in your kitchen.

To come up with the features, Breville Juice Fountain Cold Plus is the best centrifugal juicer which is quite easy to operate. Additionally, its ultra-wide chute can greatly lower the preparation time by holding the whole carrot, whole stalks, or any food items that can pass-through wide 3.5 inches opening, all you need to do is to take little help from the food pusher. As you might know that the high-speed juicers are often difficult to clean, because they incorporated bigger parts and the filter baskets holds both fibers and residues which can demand more efforts to clean. So, the Breville Juice Fountain Cold Plus took the heart of many due to integrated detachable and dishwasher safe parts to save your time and efforts, all you need to do is to use warm water while cleaning. Amazingly, you are free to line up the biodegradable bag with the pulp bin to save your efforts of dealing with oversized pulp.

Dissusing about the quality, breville cold press juicer is able to extend the shelf life of juice to around 72 hours due to cold spin technology. Moreover, the company innovatively removed the spout that lies about the cutting desk to lower the heat transfer and tend to keep its value under 2oF. Most importantly, its able to provide you with nutrients and vitamins efficient juices all the time.

  • Space saving design with swift juice extraction
  • BPA free plastic construction with stainless steel finish
  • Large pulp collector and high-capacity juice jug
  • Detachable, dishwasher safe parts
  • Safety lock mechanism
  • Two-speed settings for improved juicing
  • Not ideal for juicing leafy green
  • A bit weighty

Best Cold Press Juicer in Australia - Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Cold Press Juicer – A nifty Buying Guide!

On the clear ground, cold press juicers work on the cold press principal of cold pressing the vegetables and fruits in order to provide you with juices that meets the health standards. They crush food items against a screen that tend to separate the pulp from liquid. Sometimes, they are also called as slow juicers. Hopefully, now you are familiar with the main theme of cold press juicers, let’s discuss what features could make the cold juicer an excellent juicer.

Types of Cold Press Juicers

When coming to grab the best model, you must know about the available types in the market. Promptly, we are going to discuss two dominant types of cold press juicer, which differs mainly the way of juicing.

Masticating Juicers: To get good mileage out of it, the Masticating cold press juicers operates at lowest rotation speed to give your fruits and vegetables enough time to throw out extracts. Additionally, they don’t allow much of the heat to reach the juices as the higher temperature can kill the nutrients that can be beneficial for you. Although, they operate at slower speed, but the healthy outcomes are catchy for health – conscious users.

Centrifugal Juicers: Universally, people prefer centrifugal juicers due to their fasts speed and efficiency. But keep in mind that due to high-speed rotation and the produced heat, the level of nutrients attained from fruits and juices is little lower than from cold press masticating juicers. Actually, the centrifugal cold press juicers have blades that spin at higher speed to effectively blend the material that pass through the gears. As the produced heat can affect the nutritional value of the juices, so most of the people are not opt to grab them but some still love them due to their fast extraction speed. The choice is entirely yours!

Other Factors to Take in Count

Motor Power: Clearly, the motor power is the most important factor that will decide the efficiency of juicing process of any cold press juicer. Hold on there, don’t mix the motor speed with motor power, the high motor power doesn’t mean it will operate at higher speed. The mentioned revolutions per minute (rpm) is actually the fractions of the speed, which tell you how much fast your juicer will operate. You must select the motor power and the speed according to available electricity sources and your needs. But lower rpm is better to get healthier drinks via best cold press juicers.

Construction Design: Honestly, the built-in design is going to effect you greatly. The best cold press juicers might be constructed in horizontal or vertical design to offer you with variety, which one to choose would depend on the available counter space and priorities.

  • Horizontal Cold Press Juicers: On the clear ground, the horizontal cold press juicers are designed flatly and hence they can take more space on your countertop. Clearly, in this design everything in the appliance is shifted by the 90 degrees, which means that you have to put vegetables or fruits into the chute until the auger will catch it. They tend to more stable and can might be multi-functional.
  • Vertical Cold Press Juicers: To get through the variety, the vertical juicers mostly have smaller footprints compared to their horizontal competitors. Actually, they have same shape and size as the centrifugal juicers. They operate on the gravity which help them to perform well. As they are designed vertically, they occupy less space on the countertop of your kitchen, but you might find them difficult to store after use.
  • Noise Level: Another important factor to consider is the noise level, which might be a dominant factor for many who live in quiet places. Clearly, the masticating cold press juicers are quiet compared to the centrifugal juicers. As the centrifugal cold press juicers operates at high rpm so they tend to produce some sound which is quite high for some models, while masticating juicers comes with low rpm speed which makes them quitter and more suitable for many.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Grounded in fact, cleaning the step which is crucial for almost all people when it comes to juicers, due to their heavier and sensitive parts. Interestingly, some best cold press juicers incorporate detachable parts which let you clean them easily and efficiently within less time and demands less efforts. But some high-end cold press juicers have excellent performance but they don’t allow easy cleaning, which you must consider before grabbing any model. Above all, some super models of cold press juicer have parts that are dishwasher safe, which let you to clean them instantly even when you have tight time schedule.

Final Thoughts

Practically, if you love to add celery juices to your morning routine, you do need a best homebased juicer. To ease your life best cold press juicers are taking wide places in the market. Actually, they can process fruits and vegetables quickly to let you enjoy the fresh healthier juices at any time of the day. The best cold press juicers operate at slow speed to offer you with great juice yield. Although, you might feel yourself lost among many available options, but to fully assist you we have reviewed top-notch cold press juicers of all the time. Give it a go to enjoy healthy juicing!