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Best Bread Maker Australia 2021

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Get along with, nothing can flatten a meal more than poorly baked breads. The best bread maker takes human error out of the equation for low-effort, restaurant style loaves from the comfort of your home. Believe it or not, breads are the food staple of kitchen cupboards up and down the country. Its simplicity is what that makes it so essential to cuisines all over the world. But as most of us know, cooking it to perfection can be a bit of a hard task.

Make yourself at home, some of us might prefer sticking to ritual methods of baking breads in a pan, but if you are looking to concentrate on cooking the rest of your meal while the breads looks after itself, getting the best bread maker au may be exactly what you are looking for. Once and for all, a bread maker produces perfectly cooked breads every time with little to no effort. You can simply turn it on and leave the breads unattended without the worry of over browning.

On purpose, we are assisting you to add an attractive, durable bread maker to your kitchen gadgets. So, to ease your choice, we have reviewed five first grade bread makers. Let’s spend some time in digging deep before spending any money!


Panasonic Bread Maker
Panasonic Bread Maker
  • Features:Color: White, Weight: 8.02 Kg, Dimension: 43 x 30 x 41 cm
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Breville The Custom Loaf Pro Bread Maker
Breville The Custom Loaf Pro Bread Maker
  • Features:Color: Stainless Steel, Weight: 9.2 Kg, Dimension: 45 x 31.5 x 38 cm
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Panasonic SD-ZB2512KST Fully Automated Bread Maker Panasonic SD-ZB2512KST Fully Automated Bread Maker
  • Features:Color: Stainless Steel, Weight: 8.58 Kg, Dimension: 30 x 42 x 41 cm
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Panasonic Hard Crust / Artisan Bread Maker Panasonic Hard Crust / Artisan Bread Maker
  • Features:Color: Black, Weight: 7.95 Kg, Dimension: 46 x 32 x 38 cm
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Sunbeam Bakehouse Compact Breadmaker Sunbeam Bakehouse Compact Breadmaker
  • Features:Color: White, Weight: 5.3 Kg, Dimension: 38.3 x 32 x 35.9 cm
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Best Bread Maker Australia

If you a are questioning yourself that, which is best bread maker? than you are at right place. We have reviewed the Best Bread Maker Machines in Australia.  

Read and get yourself something which will make your life easy in kitchen. For Aussie homes Getting the Best Bread Maker Australia is noting less than a treat due to the facility it will provide.

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  • Color: White

  • Weight: 8.02 Kg

  • Dimension: 43 x 30 x 41 cm

Panasonic Bread Maker - SD-2501
Round the bend, the listed Panasonic Bread Maker is proved as the best bread maker available in the market now. The most captivating features of this model is that, in addition to having the ritual set of programs such as ability to create a wide variety of breads, jams, cakes, pizza dough, this bread maker has gluten free mode which allows you to cook safely if your family have a gluten intolerance. Additionally, you can make rye bread, French bread, and original brioche in this model. Its stylish design can enhance the beauty of your kitchen by fitting in small space, and the coal touch hosing will never let it become extra hot from outside which ensures your safety. Some people be out of sorts while using bread makers due to understandable functions, but luckily this model wouldn’t disappoint you in this regard. As the easy-to-use control panel will allow you to bake bread as complex or as simple as you want. Interestingly, it comes with daily timer feature, you can set it to bake bread overnight or for dinner which is done in super rapid cycle. Most importantly, you can set the size of bread ranging from small to extra-large, decide the type of crust you want, and to add more variety a nut dispenser has been added. Clearly, the nut and fruit dispenser are specifically designed to evenly distribute the ingredients than competing machines. By all means, this Panasonic Bread Maker allows easy bread removal from the pan due to non-stick coating, when you loaf turned baked just swivel it over and let the bread to slide out in the baking rack to become cool and finally its ready to serve. Surprisingly, this model features 11 different bread and dough modes, ranging from crispiest crusts to soft fluffy bread, have any pre-programmed baking mode and bake your breads to the highest level of perfection. Furthermore, the provided 3 different loaf sizes option permit you to serve the whole family or just make enough for only yourself. Indeed, its your very own fresh bakery to bake bread and jams instantly.
  • Specialty mode for spelt bread
  • Gluten free baking program
  • Automatic raisin and nut dispenser
  • Three different crust colors and loaf sizes
  • Non-stick coating for easy bread release and cleaning
  • The program times are quite longer.


  • Color: Stainless Steel

  • Weight: 9.2 Kg

  • Dimension: 45 x 31.5 x 38 cm

Breville The Loaf Pro Bread Maker - BBM800BSS
Be glad to come across, Breville Bread Maker is unquestionably the sleek and stylish bread machine to add something innovative to your kitchen appliances. Its an all-around bread maker which can bake gluten free and whole wheat breads. The added nut and fruit dispenser can put ingredients mid-way during the kneading process to assure uniform taste. Above all, it comes with tons of versatile options to bake a variety of food like jams, jellies, and sauces besides bread making. Clearly, it has capacity of baking up to 2.5lbs loaves. Get along with, this Breville Bread Maker has 13 incorporated bread settings, 3 crust settings, and a customized setting feature. Additionally, the machine includes two paddle system, fixed paddle for jellies and jams while collapsible paddle design for dough which is featured to reduce the size of the hole left in the bottom of the baked loaf. When it comes to usage, this model has user friendly interface to make it available for everyone. The added backlit screen can make it clearer and easier to read. Furthermore, the introduced dial interface allows you to select among different baking profiles. The most attractive feature of this Breville Bread Maker is the 60-minutes power supply backup, which holds your place during any power fails or accidental unplugging until the power comes back. Additionally, the added pan comes with Teflon based non-stick coating to make sure easy cleanup and bread release after baking. Coming across to some recipes, the customized settings option allows you to adjust the temperature and time for multiple steps such as preheating, knead 1-2, rise 1-3, punch downs, and keep warm phase. So, it permits you to preset baking times overnight or when you can get warm loaf right after coming back from your work. Furthermore, this Breville Bread Maker comes with a viewing window in the lid that permits you to monitor the performance when kneading, rising, and baking. Hopefully, this attribute will greatly help you to redistribute the dough if smaller loaves appear or to add fun to your bread baking process.
  • LED control panel to ensure user’s friendly interface.
  • Automatic fruits and nut dispenser.
  • Whole wheat and gluten free baking.
  • Available time and temperature control.
  • Runs quietly and smoothly.
  • Fits best for large servings.
  • You need some experience to clean collapsible paddle.
  • A bit heavier in weight.


  • Color: Stainless Steel

  • Weight: 8.58 Kg

  • Dimension: 30 x 42 x 41 cm

Panasonic Bread Maker - SD-ZB2512KST
To tread carefully, this Panasonic Bread Maker is fully automated to create a wide range of breads, jams, cakes, and compotes. Plus, compact finish and anti-scratch coating pass over classic look. Stunningly, the incorporated bread baking programs can adjust each process as per the ambient temperature, provided that the total baking time remains the same besides temperature conditions. Inching forward, the robotic ingredients dispenser is also an attractive feature of this Panasonic Bread Maker, which can drop the yeast automatically in optimum timing just like a skilled baker. Similarly, the nut dispenser spread chopped dry fruits, nuts, raisins, and cereals evenly throughout the loaf. Most importantly, total 17 types of bread programs have been added with the introduction of three new recipes, Rustic Sourdough, Rustic Soda Bread, and Rustic Artisan Bread. Furthermore, you are free to choose from three levels of crust color and loaf size to bake exactly what you like. To devour it completely, this bread maker has an inclined control panel which displays all possible features present the machine memory. Unquestionable, from kneading to cooking, it performs every task automatically. When it comes to construction, this Panasonic Bread Maker is deep and narrow, and hence it doesn’t accommodate too much worktop width. Furtherly, solidly built housing using stainless steel with the curved black plastic lid offer more durability and easy use. To get good mileage out of it, you can cook 100% gluten free loaves by using a wide range of gluten free flours and bread mixes. Critically, you can make from small to extra large sized breads according to your demand. Undoubtedly, getting the perfect loaf isn’t a piece of cake, but this Panasonic Bread Maker allows you to select the browning level to cook light or dark loaves according to your preferences. Offering you ease, almost 6 recipes of compote and 8 recipes of jam has been introduced in the bread maker operating instructions to assist you along the cooking journey.
  • Adjustable browning and loaf size options.
  • Distinct 17 types of programs are available.
  • Incorporated automotive ingredient dispenser.
  • Variable temperature control.
  • Easy to clean with damp cloth.
  • No viewing window has been included.
  • The lid is not removeable.


  • Color: Black

  • Weight: 7.95 Kg

  • Dimension: 46 x 32 x 38 cm

Panasonic Hard Crust Bread Maker - SD-ZP2000KST
To cutback traditional features, Panasonic Hard Crust Bread Maker has ability to produce hard and crispy breads, and it’s the first bread maker of this kind. Remember, the hard crust is the default setting, and the crust control is accessible on seven out of total 18 setting options. Rest of the total 18 programs, six are rested for soft bread, two for gluten free baking, three for dough and jams. Following the modern trends, this model also comes with gluten-free baking options as well as tendency to produce sourdough and rye bread. When it comes to design, the Panasonic Hard Crust Bread Maker has subdued, sleek appearance with oval shaped body covered with black matte plastic and classy grey lid, and it can excellently withstand fingerprints. Actually, it’s excellent in producing hard crusts with pillowy internal texture, so you can skip the bakery visit and can enjoy fluffy homemade breads with ease. The second most interesting feature of this model is that the inner side of the lid is covered with a reflective metal to make sure the even cooking process. Additionally, there are two temperature sensors are available, one to measure the internal temperature of bread maker, and second is located near the control panel to gauge the ambient room temperature. Amazingly, these temperature sensors allow the machine to reach the optimum temperature to rise and rest the dough in any temperature. Moreover, the control panel is easy to operate provided that the separate flat buttons for program menu, crust color, loaf size, two for timer, and start & stop switches. The LED screen is quite easy to read, although it has no backlight but is assures you completely monitored baking. The additional accessories include plastic double-ended teaspoon, and transport plastic cup with labelled ‘mL’ measurements. Lastly, the entire machine is easy to clean and maintain, provided that the used material is excellently durable.
  • Excellent in producing Artisanal shaped loaves.
  • Hard crust with fluffy soft inside bread
  • Available selection of well-detailed recipes
  • Gluten-free baking is enabled.
  • Ideal for producing jam.
  • No viewing windows.
  • No automatic fruit or nut dispenser


  • Color: White

  • Weight: 5.3 Kg

  • Dimension: 38.3 x 32 x 35.9 cm

Sunbeam Bakehouse Compact Breadmaker
Get to the bottom of best bread maker, the Sunbeam Bakehouse Compact Bread Maker is deigned in a vertical fashion with incorporated three different crust settings for dough, baking, pasta dough, jam, and cake making. Most importantly, a wide range of baking options include French, basic, sweat, wheat, buttermilk, and Turbo to ensure a great variety. Additionally, the yeast and gluten free are introduced to let you bake gluten free recipes. To give it a hand, if you have limited time then the Turbo bake settings allow loaf baking within an hour, and a 13-hour time delay is available to bake breads when you want it which serve you with fresh baked loaf as you get up in the morning. Above all, the Sunbeam Bakehouse Compact Bread Maker is a cool-touch model, so you don’t need to be worried about getting burnt hands in the kitchen. Overall, the available timer and versatile baking options allows you to create dough for your favorite pastas or pastries, and hence making this model an excellent choice for everyone. Rooted in, to make sure handy baking process, the machine beeps when the right time comes to add your prepared nuts and fruits to ensure professional taste. Surprisingly, you can bake bread by following three easy steps when using this Sunbeam Bakehouse Compact Bread Maker. The available dough setting creates the dough exactly in the shape which your recipe demands, besides baking in the conventional oven. Another interesting feature is that it has 60-minutes keep warm function in case of any power failure or accidental unplugging, which conserve your breads hot until the power supply sustains back in the provided time. To dig deep, the compact vertical design of this machine makes it an excellent choice for many, specially for those who are facing smart space issues. The provided controls are easy to understand and operate with the complete provided guidelines. As far as durability is concerned, the stainless-steel housing along with plastic parts is marvelous in keeping this bread maker with you for decades, and it also ensures easy cleanup by putting less efforts.
  • Fruit and nut dispenser beeper.
  • Cool touch body to ensure safety.
  • Removeable lid for easy use
  • Variable dough settings to provide variety.
  • 60-minutes keep warm function.
  • Compact lightweight design to fit in anywhere.
  • There is no progress indicator is available.
  • No loaf settings

Best Bread Maker Buying Guide

How to Choose a Best Bread Maker – A Nifty Buying Guide!

On credit, it’s almost useless to have a bread maker that actually can’t bake perfect breads. To be clear, there is a big difference best and worst models. A best buy bread maker would bake whole meal loaves that have evenly thick and golden crusts that look delicious to eat. Undoubtedly, using a bread machine is as easy as using a washing machine. So, to provide you with best bread maker, here we are going to summarize the main features which you must consider before spending money.

Size and Weight

Saunter through life, you will want your bread maker available on your work surface all the time, so that you can easily access it whenever you need to bake loaves. To make it realize, you must need to grab a perfect sized model that can be fitted in even when you have small space to place it. Another important thing to consider is the weight, which really determines the ease to transport it from place to place. The weight of the best bread makers usually ranges from 4 Kilograms to nearly 20 kilograms, but we highly recommend grabbing a model which is under 10 Kg as it will not burden you while carrying it on your favorite place.

Built-in Features of Best Bread Maker

To get good mileage out of the bread makers, you must deeply read all the incorporated features which can take your loaf making techniques to the next level. We sum up the main features which must be there, have a look before making a firm choice.

Loaf Size

Out of the question, the best models can make three sizes of loaf ranging from small to extra-large size, while compact models offer only two possible sizes. But how will you know about the loaf size of your targeted model? Don’t worry, you may encounter the labelling as sizes like small, large, or extra-large. But it can be measured in pounds like 1lb, 2lb, or in grams such as 750g, 1kg.

Kneading Paddle

On purpose, kneading paddle is the most substantial part of any bread maker because it’s the place where dough ingredients are being mixed in the bread pan. Clearly, most of the kneading paddles stop working after one cycle and hence left with a hole in the bottom of your bread. Additionally, some models have twin paddles which can produce rectangular shape loaves. While exploring the bread makers, we have found that in some bread makers the paddle sticks with the bread more often compared to other models which can leave a much larger hole than necessary. So, while grabbing any bread maker make sure that it has efficient kneading paddle.

Control Panel and Viewing Window

On the spur of the moment, types of control panel vary from model to model, but make sure that the decided machine must have a clear, easy to read programming to ease your task. Furthermore, the opted bread maker must come with viewing window, which allows you to monitor your dough progress. The provided transparent window can release the tension of lifting the lid to check the progress that lets the heat to come out which can burn your hands too.

Cool Body Wall

On credit, the insulated outer walls halt the outer surface of bread maker from getting too much hot during baking. But keep in mind that some stainless-steel models can absorb heat quite easily, and so you need to use tea towel or oven glove to remove your bread safely. Stunningly, the best bread makers come with cool wall system, which protects the surface from catching too much heat during cooking time. So, we commend you to grab the model which comes with cool body functionality.

Bread Maker Accessories

Following the trend, most of the bread makers come with accessories such as measuring spoon, cup, or jug with labelled measurements. Bread baking efficiency relies completely on the measuring ingredients, so if the bread maker you are going to buy doesn’t come with this then you need to revise your choice to avoid disaster loaves.


Can I use plain flour in the bread maker?

Yes, you are free to use plain all-purpose flour rather than bread flour. But if you find yourself unsatisfied of the results, try to add some gluten flour but make sure none of your family member should have gluten intolerance. Actually, gluten enhance the rising of the bread and imparts a nice crust.

Is bread maker better than oven?

To be on clear ground, the bread makers are far better than oven in the sense of baking excellent breads. Stunningly, you can mix your own favorite bread ingredients while using a bread maker, which make it an excellent choice for many. Plus, the bread machine baked breads are far fluffier and crustier than the oven baked breads.

Final Thoughts

To be at crossroads, a bread maker could make a very convenient addition to your kitchen. We found that not all bread makers are the same, some give you perfectly fluffy loaves while some leave them burnt. So, we have separated the wheat from the chaff to provide you with best bread maker Australia you ever encountered. Hopefully, you will be benefited by our reviewed superlative bread makers.