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Best Bed Sheets in Australia 2021

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Do you want more comfort during sleep? Deciding which type of best bed sheets to buy is the main part of the story. Whether you prefer a heavy or lightweight bed sheet, our research team has found a big difference between the best and worst of each type. Make the wrong choice and you risk being lumbered with needlessly expensive bed sheets that are both uncomfortable and prone to short life span.
People are being complaining about their bed sheets that they are not soft, comfortable and durable, also their color and texture continuously decline after each wash. Fortunately, there are a lot of bed sheets are available in the market but, unfortunately no single type of sheet to suit everyone. To help you decide on the best for you, our team has created this handy guide to explain everything you need to know. So, if you are thinking of replacing your bed sheet, stick with us and we will explicate every nitty gritty of best rated bed sheets available in the market!

Urban Hut Egyptian Cotton Sheets Set 800 Thread Count
Urban Hut Egyptian Cotton Sheets Set 800 Thread Count
  • Features:Fabric Type:100%cotton, Thread count: 800, Available colors:09
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Newspin Cotton Bed Sheets Set with 16 inch Deep Pockets 400-Thread-Count
Newspin Cotton Bed Sheets Set with 16 inch Deep Pockets 400-Thread-Count
  • Features:Fabric type:Polyester and polyester blend, Available colors: 12, Available sizes: 07
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Melange Flannelette Sheet Set Melange Flannelette Sheet Set
  • Features:Material: Brushed cotton, Available sizes: 5, Available colors: 7
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Koala Tencel Sheets - All Season Koala Tencel Sheets - All Season
  • Features:Material: Tencel, Available colors: 05, Available sizes: 04
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Ecosa Bamboo Bedding Ecosa Bamboo Bedding
  • Features:Material: 100% organic bamboo, Available Colors: 05, Available sizes: 05
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Best Bed Sheets Australia

The first time someone goes shopping bed sheets, the first question pops up in mind is, which bed sheets are the best? So don’t worry, NomadsGuide is here to answer your question. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for best bed sheets for summer or best bed sheets for winter, from best bed sheets material to bed sheets for all seasons. We got you covered. You can also check out our guide for best quilt to go along with nice bed sheets. Find out more about Best Cotton Bed Sheets Australia:


  • Fabric Type: 100% cotton

  • Thread count: 800

  • Available colors: 09

URBANHUT Egyptian Cotton Sheets

URBANHUT Egyptian Cotton bed Sheets are the best cotton bed sheets available in Australia. They have attributes of being breathable, super-soft, meaningful thread counts and budget friendly price. Moreover, long staple Egyptian cotton yarn used in these sheets is famous for its durability and supreme quality. Truth to be told these bed sheets cotton are so good, I personally ordered one set for my home as well.

Furthermore, these fitted sheets have elastic nature to stretch and fit pleasantly over mattresses. Egyptian Cotton Sheets are woven specifically in a way that fabric will not be folded over to increase the weight. To be clear, every inch of this bed sheet certifies a relaxing, breathable sleep and let you feel cooler during night sweats. These sheets are most luxurious cotton sheets available in the market within this price range.

Experiencing them on bed, these sheets have manageable weight to stay tight and silky on the bed. Surprisingly, washing them over and over again wouldn’t affect their quality regarding color or interwoven structure. Lastly, URBANHUT Egyptian Cotton bed Sheets set worth every penny and their price range is quite less than previous such quality sheets in the market.

Giving you a handy suggestion, since these are the best cotton bed sheets Australia, they can be an exemplary gift for friends, mother, father, siblings, children, colleagues, or anyone you love to offer your care on special days like birthdays. Amazingly, Egyptian cotton has a characteristic of soften up with washing, so with each wash you will find them softer and silkier and this thing is hugely beneficial in eliminating the factor of losing quality of sheets upon washing. 

After owing these sheets, you must not use high temperature while drying them and keep them away from any kind of bleach. After machine wash in warm, use medium spin and fan speed and try to remove them from dryer before completely drying out.

  • luxurious bed sheets
  • top notch quality
  • incredibly smooth and soft
  • Super breathable
  • Softness increases with every wash
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Not much softer before first wash


  • Fabric type: Polyester and polyester blend

  • Available colors: 12

  • Available sizes: 07

Newspin Cotton Bed Sheets Set

Newspin bed sheets are famous for their quality material which is microfiber and their double brush nature. The quite more softness and durability make these sheets an excellent choice for potential customers.

Moreover, moisture wicking and soft touch features can let you feel comfortable and dry.  The pillowcases and bed sheets also come in distinct matching shades to proffer unique decoration styles. This updated version of newspin sheets have extra incorporated thickness, this feature is added on the demand of users. The marvelous breathability makes this sheet ideal for use in any season.

Roaming around, the elastic bands are sewn on the all four corners, keep it non-slippery that bring substantial comfort throughout the sleep. The silky and smooth nature of these sheets let you set your bed within minutes to save your time and energy.

To be practical, Newspin bed sheets with delicate craftsmanship are shrink and wrinkle resistant which make the ideal for long term use. You are free to wash them in machines but with cold water and the retained smoothness is guaranteed after every wash. Clearly, these sheets are easy to clean and keep their tidy nature throughout the life span and the fabric texture will remain intact even after multiple washes. But never use bleach during whole cleaning or drying process!

  • Excellent value for the price
  • Gorgeous available colors
  • Wrinkle and shrink resistant
  • Equally useful in all seasons
  • Considerable thickness and durability
  • Sizes are quite larger


  • Material: Brushed cotton

  • Available sizes: 5

  • Available colors: 7

Melange Flannelette Sheet Set

Being high on the list, Melange yarn is somehow special in its construction. Flannel brushed cotton bed sheets will transform your bedroom with the cool color combinations. Actually, flannel is raised from cotton and man-made fibers, and then brushed on both sides to proffer homey and comfy feel.

The main attractive thing about these sheets is that they are warm and insulating in addition to incorporating lightweight features, which make them ideal choice for all. Flannelette sheets are equivalent to a warm teddy bear hug.

Digging down, these snuggly bed sheets are excellent to keep you cosy and toasty while their warmness is bang on trend. The brushed surface allows flannel to trap air and retain body heat without losing the charm of being breathable. So, it’s an excellent bedding material in winters. And what about summers? Surprisingly, flannel is crafted to be moisture-wicking and absorbent, so it ensures sweat free sleep during hot weather. Finally, these sheets are designed for year-round use.

The heathered flannel sheets envelop you in softness and you will find yourself relaxing more. It offers luxurious feel without putting more thickness or weight. A variety of sizes and colors are available to fulfil your needs.

To be clear, Melange Flannelette Sheets can produce or release lint in the dryer while washing. Don’t worry, the amount of produced lint will reduce with every wash but you will find it considerable during the first wash. As we discussed before, the sheets are brushed on both sides so you can experience some pilling which is like a residual fiber, but this process will completely vanish after few washes.

  • Soft and lightweight
  • Brushed finish
  • Sweat absorbent during summers
  • Warm and insulating during winters
  • Suitable colors and variety of sizes are available
  • Upon washing they create significant lint buildup in the dryer


  • Material: Tencel

  • Available colors: 05

  • Available sizes: 04

Koala Tencel Sheets

Being high on the list, the fiber for Koala sheets is the best all season bed sheet which can be used all-round the year. It is sourced from sustainably certified forests, so you can sleep in ease knowing that you are contributing a bit to maintain green environment. Moreover, the Tencel ensures cutting edge textile and you will be sheathed in soothe and smooth silk. Moreover, the Tencel is built using eucalyptus pulp fiber which is world’s most sustainable fabric and is entirely transparent about its water usage.

Down to earth, the Koala Tencel Sheets are highly durable, regulate moisture absorption, assist in body temperature regulation, in-built breathability and dissipate moisture.  Tencel is extremely soft, twice as soft as cotton and you can adjust glide on the fabric like pure bliss. These sheets are proven excellent for people having sensitive skin.

In long run, Koala sheets retain incorporated color for long time, don’t allow any kind of bacterial growth, no ability to have electrostatic charges, and finally after dispose they are biodegradable due to botanic origin. It’s perfect for snuggling due to its beautiful drape and sheen.

To get carried away, these all-season sheets are woven using a twill weave besides utilizing conventional weave to permit it to be heavier, tend to put more luxurious drape on your bed. Amazingly, like all other Koala products, these sheets also come with 120-night risk free trial and eco-friendly material.

The captivating thing about this sheet is you will get rid of annoying attempts to find the right way up to fit the sheet as the Koala has added tags mentioning head and toy on respective sides to assist you in putting the sheet on your mattress in no time. Moreover, to ensure the luxurious look, the zipper of the same color as of sheet is added.

  • Eco-friendly material
  • Head and toys tags
  • One year warranty
  • 120- night risk free trial
  • Absorb moisture and regulate temperature
  • A bit heavier in weight


  • Material: 100% organic bamboo

  • Available Colors: 05

  • Available sizes: 05

Ecosa Bamboo sheets

Ecosa Bamboo sheets have made their name in the market due to inherited super-soft, silky, anti-bacterial, and odor resistant characteristics. Actually, the fabric extracted from Bamboo acts as an exceptionally smooth and breathable bedding material. On a clear note, Bamboo is considered as the most sustainable fabrics source than the most natural fibers like cotton.

Worldwide, people are loving Ecosa Bamboo sheets due to their ideal cooling and draping properties. This makes Ecosa sheets literally the best bamboo bed sheets in the world. The built-in properties of Bamboo sooth your skin and sustain your sleep with the feel of ecofriendly construction. Ecosa bedding is actually designed to get more softer material from wash to wash, so the softness just gets softer with time.

When it comes to manufacturing, the thread counts of 800-1000 is required to get smooth and soft Cotton based bed sheets and higher thread count isn’t good to maintain breathability. However, Bamboo sheets can achieve a silky-smooth texture with just 400 thread count and are perfect at breathability and to keep it lightweight.

Ecosa Bamboo sheets are made to serve well all around the year as the Bamboo has naturally insulating properties in the winter and cooling properties in the summer. Additionally, bamboo sheets are good at wicking moisture to keep you fresh throughout sleep time. If you are a wiggly sleeper, you might be aware of discomfort due to mess under the sheet cover. Amazingly, Ecosa worked cleverly and increased the smoothness of sheets, so now you can wriggle or snuggle as much as you like!

  • Smooth as silk
  • Breathable as veil
  • No more duvet drift
  • Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial
  • Cocoon-like cosiness in the winter
  • Cool and breathable in the summer
  • Eco-Friendly with lightweight natre
  • These sheets can catch wrinkle while drying

Best Bed Sheets Buying Guide

What Kind of Fabric Material You Should Prefer While Buying the Best Bed Sheets?

While buying bed sheets, most of the people go for style and colors but they mostly ignore the material construction of bed sheets. No doubt, nice looking bedding is the fastest way of changing the whole look of the room. Besides the beauty, you must consider the comfort level of sleep which directly belongs to the type of material used in your bedding.

But the problem here is do you need to buy Cotton, Tencel, Bamboo, Linen, or silk incorporated sheets? If are inexperienced, you might be lost in huge variety of bed sheets available in the market. Don’t worry, we are here to guide you that which material will best suit your needs.


Cotton sheets are most widely used in not just Australia but in the whole world. Cotton is the most popular material used in the bed sheets . A best cotton bed sheet is smooth, durable, soft, breathable, long lasting, and easy to maintain. Exploring more, there are a number of choices in cotton sheets as a lot of cotton types are available in bedding, some are named on their origin and some on the basis of weaving style. Here, I’m going to explain the uses, benefits, and downsides of each cotton type.

  • Egyptian Cotton: It’s the most luxurious kind of cotton. This cotton has long fibers that proffer smoothness, and softness, so if you want high quality bed sheets with super-soft feel then this one is the best choice. Egyptian cotton is handpicked with the highest level of purity. But keep in mind their prices are quite higher than other cotton sheets and some fake sellers are also in the market.
  • Pima Cotton: It has medium to large fibers that are ideal for bedding and main feature about this cotton is its natural sheen. This cotton is primarily grown in united states, so the price range is quite lower than imported Egyptian cotton. In the level of quality, strength, and comfort, this cotton is no less than Egyptian cotton. But the thing to care about is, this cotton is often blended with cheap cotton with making bed sheets.
  • Flannel: Flannel is actually made from cotton, wool, and other compatible materials and then finally brushed to make the material denser and to enhance the softness. The in-built feature of flannel sheets is that they can trap the body heat to keep you warm in winters and has ability to absorb sweat during summers but they are too weighty to handle in hot weather. You should take in note the weight of flannel, because the heavier the better. But keep in mind that Flannel sheets are not as breathable as lighter cotton.


The fabric Tencel is made up of eucalyptus tree wood pulp. A qood quality best tencel bed sheet will have built-in durability, softness, and antimicrobial nature. the material tencel sheets are made up of is is regarded as environmentally friendly as its production demands less energy, chemicals, water compared to cotton material and finally they are biodegradable, breathable and wicks away moisture same as like cotton but it’s quite stronger than cotton. Tencel bed sheets are a bit expensive due to complicated manufacturing process involved.


Bamboo fibers need processing to change it to thread. Following a chemical process, Bamboo pulp is dissolved, re-solidified, and then spin to thread. To be clear, this process involves harmful chemicals, so not as much environmentally safe as the manufacturers claim it to be. If you spend some money and get yourself best Bamboo bed sheets you will notice that bamboo sheets actually entails a smooth feel like silk, breathable and softness just like cotton. In addition, best bamboo sheets are nonabsorbent and hypoallergenic, they have ability to wick away sweat and other body fluids to keep you dry throughout the night.


Linen is extracted from the flax plant fibers. Different quality bed sheets are made with linen but if you opt for best linen bed sheets, you will find linen sheets very breathable, soft, and a good absorbent than cotton. Linen Bed Sheet’s thickness and strength are far higher than cotton maintaining the charm of smoothness. Surprisingly, Linen is considered as most durable fiber along the globe. To be clear, Linen bed sheets feel moderately stiff in the beginning and can caught wrinkles quite easily than other materials. Additionally, the difficulty to weave it directly influence the demanded price which is quite more than normal cotton. But one thing for sure, if you purchase best linen bed sheets you will enjoy it as an asset for years to come because bed sheets linen are very good.


Silk is extracted from silkworms to produce the fabric. If you will buy yourself best silk bed sheets, trust me you will be in for a treat. The reason behind is that the best silk sheets will be luxurious, sensuous, cool, smooth, soft, and hypoallergenic. But the downside of owing a silk sheet is that you need to pay a handsome amount of money and you also need to take good care of this delicate material. If you want a smooth feel during your sleep, than silk bed sheet is an ideal option for you.

What Thread Count is Best for Sheets?

Thread count is actually the number of threads woven into a square inch of the material. The thread count is calculated by adding up the horizontally and vertically woven thread throughout the selected area. Now the question is what thread count you should prefer? Let’s explore the seep insights of commonly used thread counts (400 to 100) to educate you completely.

1000 Thread Count Bed Sheets

It’s the highest thread count you should consider in bed sheets. Any number greater than is unnecessary and entails lower quality. The logical reason is that the manufacturers grab thinner cotton to fill up maximum thread count.

800 Thread Count Bed Sheets

Sheets with 800 thread count are twice as thick as 400 thread count sheets having double ply. More thick sheets are more durable and they tend to last longer and worth their price. Sheets with 800 thread counts are often useful in retaining more heat and ideally you can also sleep with your pets.

600 Thread Count Bed Sheets

To get single ply sheets, the thread counts of 600 is the maximum possible count. These sheets are far more soft, durable, and are less expensive than those with 800 count. Additionally, they are popular to keep the body temperature cooler during warm weather.

400 Thread count Bed Sheets

The minimum available thread count for bed sheets is 400. It doesn’t mean that these sheets have poor quality, rather in fact sheets having this thread count of premium quality material are far better in softness than sheets having higher thread count but incompatible material. Long staple cotton is considered ideal material to wove lower thread count sheets.


Which Ply Count is Better?

Ply refers to the number of threads wrapped together to make a single thread. So, single ply sheets manifest sheets which have one strand of yarn per thread, which is indication of high-quality sheets as the single ply sheets are woven with stronger and finer threads. Double ply sheets are made with two threads twisted together to make one thread. While multi-ply sheets typically use more than two stands of thread and the thread used in these sheets are mostly of low quality. So, while making a purchase of Best Bed Sheets, you must go for single ply sheets.


What type of bed sheets do 5-star hotels use?

The crispiest sheets used at luxury hotels are around 400 thread count mark, and the main thing is that they always use cotton sheets to ensure smoothness and soft feel in addition to excellent breathability of these sheets. They mostly prefer high-end cotton while making a purchase with single ply feel to ensure better bedding quality to their customers.

How can I keep sheets wrinkle free?

To maintain wrinkle free texture of sheets you must wash them once in a weak or fortnightly but take note of water temperature as it must not be too high. Another factor is over drying which can put wrinkles to your sheets, so try to take off sheets before completely drying. Finally, ironing the sheets at lower possible heat can help to remove wrinkles on your sheets.

Final Thoughts

To hit the road, if you want a flawless comfortable sleep, we have reviewed unbiased and worthwhile best bed sheets for your bedrooms. From best bed sheets for kids to best bed sheets double from best bed sheets king size to best bed sheets queen size, we have gathered all the best bed sheets Australia. So that you don’t have to ponder over the question “which bed sheets are best?”

We have also given a great importance to the environmental sustainability. That’s why we have focused on choosing comfort as well as best bed sheets green. There are hundreds of the bed sheets are available in the market, but we attempted to make your life much easier by providing you the best bed sheets of the year by keeping best bed sheet material, color, construction, and price range in mind. Grab the one which suits your needs and enjoy silky-smooth sleep!