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The Best BBQ in Australia for 2022

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Love meat but hate the number of calories in a portion? This means you need a Best BBQ Australia that can cook most food without much oil. Undoubtedly, an ideal BBQ is the heart of your food adventures whether you are a reluctant cook or a confident chef. Surely, having a Best BBQ grill in your hand will enable you to prepare finger-licking, scrumptious meal without breaking a sweat

Choosing the Best product is always nothing less than a quest, be it a Steam Iron or Best BBQ. To solve your dilemma of what should you choose?  We’ve put five of the best BBQ to task. We distinguished how versatile each grill is and explored how many controls and temperature settings are available. With the right model for your cooking style and space, you would bump into easier and quicker meal preparation and more manageable cleaning.  

George Foreman GGR201RAU Indoor/Outdoor Barbeque
George Foreman GGR201RAU Indoor/Outdoor Barbeque
  • Features:Weight:6.6Kg, Power:2400Watts, Cooking area:Cooks up to 15portions, Fuel type:Electric power
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Weber Q (Q2000) LPG BBQ - Titanium
Weber Q (Q2000) LPG BBQ - Titanium
  • Features:Burners:1burner, Cooking area:54x39cm, Burner power:3.52KW, Weight:19kg, Fuel type:Gas
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Gentlemen's Hardware Portable Stainless Steel Charcoal Barbeque Grill with Coal Tray Gentlemen's Hardware Portable Stainless Steel Charcoal Barbeque Grill with Coal Tray
  • Features:Item dimensions:39.9x38.9x32cm, Fuel type:Charcoal, Weight:3.4Kg
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Sunbeam HG6600B Kettle King Outdoor Electric Bbq, Charcoal Sunbeam HG6600B Kettle King Outdoor Electric Bbq, Charcoal
  • Features:Product dimensions:57x56x42.5cm, Weight:12.7Kg, Fuel type:Electricity, Power:2400Watts
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Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill, Black Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill, Black
  • Features:Item dimensions:132.1x66x144.8cm, Weight:48Kg, Fuel type:Liquid propane, Burners:3-burners
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Best BBQ Australia


  • Weight: 6.6Kg
  • Power: 2400 Watts
  • Cooking area: Cooks up to 15 portions
  • Fuel type: Electric power
George Foreman Indoor and Outdoor Electric Grill

Bright shoot, George Foreman indoor and outdoor BBQ grill unifies in ingenious, high-performance cooking system with broad-spectrum features and delivers them in sturdy and durable package. It is also one of the highest rated BBQ on

Hard to swallow, you can enjoy BBQ at any time of the year without putting an eye on the weather modes as this grill entails the mark of enduring all seasons. This convertible grill is perfect for party cooking as long as you have access to an electrical outlet.

Ahead of the curve, this grill top proffers a huge cooking area with non-sticky surface to allow smooth cooking and easy cleaning. It can cook up to 15 portions of food at once. Moreover, the electric prob is managerial in setting up variable cooking temperature and a gauge is inserted to monitor heating temperature. Surprisingly, when the grill reaches the required temperature the light become on and then commence the on-off cycle as the thermostat directs to regulate temperature.

To prune out, George Foreman indoor and outdoor BBQ grill ensures easier and quicker cleanup as you can easily pop the plates off and permitted to wash them out in warm soapy water. Additionally, integrated plastic drip tray holds the grease and fat dripped down by cooking plates.

To dig deep, the best built part of this BBQ grill is the heavy-duty coil and cord which is super thick and durable. The good news is if you really want to get rid of open flames in your living space, this grill is a suitable substitute. After owing this amazing grill you wouldn’t need to worry about charcoal mess or potential flare-ups.

Inching forward, this grill is pretty easy to put together and you can easily remove the stand to put the grill on the table-top to get involve everyone during indoor cooking. An added heavy-duty cover is weather resistant, you can put it on while taking this grill to enjoy outdoor BBQ.

Wrapping it up, as the elements of this grill heat up rapidly, its ready to use immediately. George Foreman indoor and outdoor BBQ grill suits best as it is portable, easy to operate, lightweight, incorporates an easy grip handle and safe to cook in small spaces.

  • Large enough to cook for a crowd
  • Unique sloped surface
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • 5-years warranty
  • Collapsible for indoor and outdoor use
  • Budget-friendly
  • Assembling of the product might be intensive


  • Burners: 1 burner
  • Cooking area: 54 x 39 cm
  • Burner power: 3.52 KW
  • Weight: 19kg
  • Fuel type: Gas
Weber – Q2000 LPG BBQ

Having a portable grill is the dream of most BBQ lovers. Weber – Q2000 is here to realize all your plans. Amazingly, this grill is compact enough to carry with you to the campsite and big enough to cater the whole family or group of friends. Without compromising on quality, this BBQ grill incorporates all the functions of larger models in a small area.

Rooted in, Weber-Q2000 is ideal for entry-level grill chefs, camping enthusiasts, or home entertainers equally. This versatile grill cooks without any cold spots or flare ups as it embodied finest materials combined by great workmanship to impart built-in qualities. It has a single stainless steel burner which produces 12,000 BTUs per hour to heat up 280 square inches of total cooking area. Moreover, larger-sized fold-out side tables provides enough room to occupy materials.

All the rages, the control burner knob allows you to steer temperature instantly. Easy-to-start electronic ignition with surprisingly infinite control burner’s valve settings which permit you to save time and effort. The thermoset lid handle remains cool all the time, which frees you to keep an eye on any precautions. Additionally, glass reinforced nylon frame exhibit classy look.

Ahead of the curve, its lightweight (19Kg only) make it truly suitable to take it anywhere to enjoy outdoor BBQ during pleasant weather. This gas BBQ is an easy solution for any meal ranging from burgers or hotdogs in the lunch to fish pallets in the dinner.

To be on solid ground, easy to clean fat removal tray hold all the wasted oil and fats to keep on smooth flare-free cooking. As far as assembling is concerned, the package comes with add-on accessories to bring the grill into life to embark on your food game.

To ensure long life span, cooktops are coated with porcelain enameled cast iron to forge it rust resistant. Additionally, the entailed hood and chassis are made from cast iron which will never rust even after decades. The stainless-steel burners ensure constant heat flow and they are not prone to rust. As the whole grill is rouged by cast aluminum and thermoset resin, so you don’t need to be worried about its durability.

All in all, the Weber Q2000 is really a master of all trade, and you could be sure to use it either on worktop in your kitchen or outdoor during picnics.

  • Removable drip tray
  • Sleek design with great performance
  • Enameled Cast Iron Cooking Shelves
  • Handbook with operating instructions
  • Fully assembled out of box
  • 5-years of warranty
  • Stand might be not so stable


  • Item dimensions: 39.9 x 38.9 x 32cm
  • Fuel type: Charcoal
  • Weight: 3.4Kg
Gentlemen's Hardware Portable Stainless Steel Charcoal Barbeque Grill

Gentlemen’s Hardware has been a name of passion for designing durable, superior and sourced goods to equip you with diligence of life.

This smart Gentleman’s Hardware Portable Suitcase-style Barbecue transforms easily and quickly to a free-standing grill which is so cleverly designed that you would be looking for excuses to cook on it over and over again. Additionally, its easy to assemble and disassemble.

Behind you all the way, this grill entails removeable coal tray and carry handle. It features a durable and lightweight stainless-steel establishment with a navy-powder coated finish. It has a set of grates; one to hold charcoal and second to carry your food to be cooked. To be precise, eight pieces of coal are enough for one-time cooking.

Grounded in fact, this charcoal barbecue is perfect for camping, picnics and yearly festivals. Amazingly, the suitcase opens up stand based on chrome legs then you simply need to fill the stainless-steel tray with charcoal and crank up cooking. After employing, you can fold it down neatly as its secured by bar fastening and a hook and easy-to-carry due to smart chrome handle which ensures convenient transport.

Out in the open, this stainless steel and chrome cooker certifies easy cleaning. No gas or other fuels are needed, just put coal pits on the destined place. It has small cooking area quite suitable for two persons meal.

All things considered; this portable BBQ is fashionable designed as a briefcase to permit you to shrimp on the barbie no matter where you are. As it come in smartly gift box, it could be a perfect gift for outdoor adventurers.

  • Charcoal grill design
  • Fashionable briefcase- style housing
  • Easy to manage and clean
  • Quick assemble and disassemble
  • Lightweight, compact & portable
  • Handy gift for campers or travelers.
  • Hard to start coals in the tray
  • Cooking area is very small


  • Product dimensions: 57 x 56 x 42.5 cm
  • Weight: 12.7Kg
  • Fuel type: Electricity
  • Power: 2400Watts

The Kettle King BBQ guarantees comfort and power without compromising taste and flavor of the ritual Australian demand. This grill is equally suitable whether you are cooking sausages and typical meat barbecue of sizzling steaks or a seafood banquet of fishes and pawns.

To dig it down, this grill has cool touch handles on the base and hotplate for easy portability and assembly. The temperature gauge permits you to regularly monitor cooking temperature, which let you to ensure perfect meal every time. The non-stick coating ensures excellent durability and scratch resistance. Moreover, the element is fully cast on the cooking surface for quicker heat up and even heat distribution throughout the entire area.

More than that, the ribbed hotplates lock in the flavors and juices of your food, and allows the fat to dribble via the drainage holes for fat free, healthy cooking. Besides this there is a flat hotplate which is suitable for frying a variety of soft foods like eggs, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, and bacon.

Furthermore, the lid is high domed with steam vent, appropriate for sealing in the moisture and heat for convection natural cooking. The thermostatically controlled prob attributes 15 heat settings for overall control in a variety of cooking tasks. Additionally, it features excellent sear for sealing steaks, kettle style roasting, and defrost for frozen meat.

The added utensil rack is excellent for putting utensils on while barbecuing. Moreover, the molded base of Kettle Kind is made from heat resistant, durable nylon, this base upholds the hotplates and drip tray.

As far as the cleaning is concerned, this grill saves a plenty of time and efforts in this regard. The removeable drip down tray is easy to clean, you are free to wash it with warm soapy water by using a mild household detergent. The control probe is also removeable to ensure easy cleaning. For effective cleaning, you remove the stickers from the hotplate to wash it entirely.

  • Self-locating swivel shelf
  • Space saving stand
  • Domed kettle lid
  • Evenly heat distribution
  • Non-sticky cooking surface
  • Combined ribbed and flat grill plate
  • No specific cons yet


  • Item dimensions: 132.1 x 66 x 144.8 cm
  • Weight: 48 Kg
  • Fuel type: Liquid propane
  • Burners: 3-burners
Weber Spirit 3-burner Liquid Propane Grill

Saunter through life, the Spirit E-310 is an excellent way out for cooking all around. When it points down to durability and life span, this grill would stand with you for decades. Surprisingly, this grill is equally suitable for heavy use as the weber’s 10-year warranty appertain to all parts of grill. Hang in there, recklessly enjoy every weekend or holiday with this marvelous 3-burner gas grill.

To get good mileage out of this grill, the user-oriented side tables are designed to place extra cooking stuffs including serving trays, and the provided tool hooks are operational to hang spatula and tongs. The porcelain enameled cast cooking grates are fairly flat and hold the even heat to cook juicy food around 529 square inches of cooking area.

As far as the portability is concerned, this grill has open cart design with two large wheels which are responsible to move it easily to adjust anywhere.

Ahead of the curve, the Spirit E-310 imparts powerful GS4 and iGrill system, which comprises Bluetooth temperature probs to permit you monitor your food temperature through an associated application. Don’t you think it’s amazing to cook your meal without spending much time to stand near the grill? So, you are free to direct your powers toward enjoyment, spend minimum time in taking care. You can also monitor the temperature through built-in thermometer.

We took the temperature of the group and come to know that this grill can effectively cook burgers, steak, and hot dogs.

Taking the space into consideration, the foldable side tables proffer extra room to keep your stuff near to you. The main burners permit you to grill up to 20 large sized burgers, whilst warming rack stays the food warm.

By and large, the properties which you can expect from an exemplar grill, Weber Spirit E-310 comprises all the truthful features and is pondered as the best propane grill of all the time.

  • Passable cooking space
  • 3 stainless steel burners
  • Burners entail fuel gauge
  • Sleek open cart style
  • Thermometer on the lid
  • Enameled to ensure prolonged life-span
  • 10- years warranty
  • Assembling it is bit tiresome

Things to Consider Before Buying a Best Barbecue

If you want to enjoy the most of summer sun and dining outside, you must find the best BBQ to suit your grilling needs. The size of the grill which you are going to own solely depends on your family size or group of friends with whom you wish to enjoy BBQ.

Look no further, for occasional grillers, some cheap affordable BBQ options are perfectly fine provided that they are not too focused about doing anything fancy. But hold on there! If you opt to have a cheaper BBQ, be ready to replace it more often and certainly this would demand more money. 

To cutback the money, if you are periodic outdoor BBQ lover, then you surely need to invest in a good quality product that guarantees marvelous taste and tend to save your money on replacing BBQ grill over and over again.

Charcoal, Gas or Electric BBQ?

Regarding best type of BBQ, there is divided options available to let you select one according to your priorities. Some people only one open flamed BBQ flavor, for the charcoal grill is the optimal choice. Whilst others want easier and quicker barbecue recipes, electric grills suit them best.

Before making a purchase, have a look on the described facts of each kind of grill.

Charcoal BBQ:

When anyone thinks of Best BBQ, the ritual charcoal type probably leaps to mind. Charcoal BBQ consumes either briquettes or limp-wood to impart traditional mouth-watering smoky taste to your food. But you would be unable to control temperature.

The key benefits of having charcoal BBQ include the cost and portability, you need to spend less on Charcoal BBQ compared to gas ones and almost all models are great for taking away to campsites or beaches to cook with friends. But don’t forget to keep in mind the effort and time you are required to spend on enlighten coal to reach the optimal cooking temperature.

Gas BBQ:

Undoubtedly, the gas BBQs are more expensive, but they can cook quicker as they allow you to start cooking straightway. Additionally, a variety of burners and controls frees you to adjust temperature according to food type and cooking stage.

Make a good case, numerous gas BBQ models entails side burners, griddles, and warming racks to let you cook the food that traditional grills are unable to handle. You can choose the size of gas BBQ grill according to food which you are going to cook, like either it’s a quick sizzle or slow roast, and finally don’t forget to consider the serving size.

Come to light, the gas BBQs allows you to cook in almost all weather unlike charcoal BBQ, as you can put the lid down during rainy season. But keep in mind, you need to buy the gas cylinder to power up this kind of grills.

Electric BBQ:

Of all the types, electric BBQs are the safest to operate as you will not encounter any gas leakage issue or naked flames hazards. To be precise, some places are not suitable to cook with an open flame, and there you wouldn’t use gas or charcoal grill. To be fit in every kind of place, electric grill is an ideal option, some such grills are also portable to enjoy outdoor BBQ.

Like the gas BBQ, electric BBQ also allows you to control temperature while grilling. Moreover, the electric gas grills are easier to clean compared to charcoal grills which end up cooking with ashes and coal mess.

What is Ideal Size of a Best BBQ ?

Best Standard Barbecue: If you wish to serve a group of five to seven people, a charcoal grill with a grilling area of approximately 45x50cm or a gas grill with two burners would be enough. But with these sized grills, you will be limited to serve bigger parties.

 Best Large Barbecue: If you are going to cook for more than 10 people, you’ll surely need a three, four or five burners gas grill or a larger charcoal grill. To be sure, these grills will be more costly and fuel requirements for them could be high.

 Best Portable Barbecue: If you are outdoor adventurer, indubitably you need a grill which you could take to camping or beach sites. So, a portable, lightweight, and compact BBQ will be a versatile and handy option which would allow you to enjoy barbecue anywhere. As these grills are smaller in size, so don’t expect to serve more than six or seven people in one go.


To grab a handsome discount on charcoal, gas, or electric grills, the ideal time to make a purchase is in the Fall and the September. To get in, July is considered as the peak grilling season, and during the first week of July you will come to see numerous deals on such grills.

Substantially, people replace their grill after 3-5 years. However, we assure you that our chosen grills will last much longer between 8 to 20 years. But keep in mind, this would depend on the level of care and attempts you are adopting to maintain your grill.

Final Verdict

On the off chance that you are involved in BBQ exploits, I’ve recommended unbiased, self-tested barbecue grills. Unquestionably, BBQ is considered to be fun and enjoyable. But if you have been coming across less durable, poor grates material, and messy uneven cooked food, then you must carefully read out our Best BBQ reviews. The predominant part knows about barbecues and the wow marker simply isn’t always there when you’re cooking. We certainly know that its not a piece of cake to pick the right grill, but we are hopeful that our elaborated experimental testing will assist you in making a best choice.