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Easy Kitchen Organization Tips to Make Life Easier

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Out in the open, Kitchen is a place where we used to spend plenty of time each day. Unlike many other processes, cooking requires lots of items to get you the right flavor. Although most items are required in small quantities, their presence at right time is highly essential for the needs and things can get messy often times so we bring you Kitchen Cleaning Tips.

Well, we all know that storing large numbers of items has never been so easy, especially when you have a compact space to deal with. That’s why most kitchens remain messy most of the time. But such messy kitchens are just an alarming sign for both your physical and mental health as they can reduce productivity and can pose more illness dangers.

What to do then to get rid of such damages? To be clear, you must organize your kitchen in a way that you find it highly comfortable to cook and move around. Most importantly, you must know the ways to perfectly organize your kitchen such that you stay more productive and active during cooking time. If you don’t know how to do the right trick, then we are here to offer you easy kitchen organization tips to make life easier. Let’s discuss what we have found for you!

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Some Tips to Perfectly Organize your Kitchen

Finally, the wait is over and you are about to get access to home handy ways that can help you to organize your kitchen professionally. As organizing the kitchen has never been easy, so we decided to discuss the nitty-gritty of every point to let you take better mileage out of it. Now it’s time to discuss everything in detail!

Create Pots and Pans Corner

You need to be creative while organizing your pans and pots. This is because such utensils can create a bigger mess in your kitchen and can spoil its overall look. That’s why we recommend you to make separate pots and pans corners to keep your kitchen highly organized.

All you need to do is to get a black chalkboard paint and start painting with it on the selected site. Then you have to place uniform, modern hooks to come with new industrial style pots and pans wall corner. Remember, additional shelving can greatly help you to make the best use of space and creating storage for containers. You can place your most-used ingredients on these shelves to easily access them.

The good thing about such DIY projects is that you can complete them within a day or over a weekend. So, you can get your desired arrangements within less time.  

Group Items as per their usage frequency

Another way to keep your kitchen organized is to group items according to the frequency with which you use them. We work in our kitchen in the order of preparation, cooking, and serving. So, you need to zone out your kitchen by these categories. For perfect organization, you must know that when you need each item. For instance, there’s no reason to keep the mug near to water glasses, but keeping them closer to the coffee maker can you from running all over the kitchen.

Use Open Shelving to Display and Store

On the moral high ground, open shelving is an excellent way to keep things organized. You can display your most-loved items on the open shelves. Also, you can arrange some decorative items on these shelves. In this way, you would be able to arrange your items within reach. Moreover, open shelving is an excellent solution for kitchens that lack cabinet space. Stunningly, adding shelves can give you plenty of space at the fraction of the cost compared to cabinet installation.

Make Use of Food Containers

A very decent way to keep your items organized is to put the pantry in food containers. And then you can place all food containers in the drawer to stay perfectly organized in your kitchen. This trick allows you to place all your grains, sugar, flour, and pasts closer to your cooking station. Another excellent idea is to differentiate each container with specific labels placed on the lid. This thing will not only give the fantastic look but also saves lots of time when you are cooking.

Make use of Space Under and Above the Cabinets

This is another excellent way to perfectly store and organize your things in the kitchen. All you need to do is to use the space that you have below your cabinet, and if you’ve got extra space on top of your cabinets use that too. Below your cabinets, you’ll be able to suspend hooks to place your frequently used mugs or utensils, and you can even place a magnetic spice jar under the cabinet. If you have space above your cabinets, it’s an excellent spot to store appliances, pans, or serving platters that you don’t use very often.

Keep the Cooking Utensils at Perfect Place

Grounded in fact, this is the handy way to keep the kitchen organized and clean. Moreover, it also helps you to conveniently cook in the kitchen. All you need to do is to keep the cooking utensils within the reach to get better mileage out of it. Try to store your servings spoons, spatulas, and like-that-things near to stove in a simple mason jar or attractive ceramic container. Remember, don’t try to overstuff this location as every single cooking utensil doesn’t need to be right by the stove. Just leave out the ones you use often, but hide the rest in drawers.

Don’t Buy a lot

To be honest, the key is to perfectly manage your purchase and usage. If you are in the hassle to leave food out just because you don’t have enough room to hold it in a cupboard, then it’s time to start cutting down the purchases. Although buying items in bulk can save you some money, but if you don’t have much space to keep the things then you must change the way of shopping. You can perfectly do it by going through your pantry to know what you already have. And reduce your visits to the store so that you can get a chance to use existing items before refilling the cabinets.

Organize Cooking Oils

Every kitchen has more than one cooking oil cane or even some people love to use multiple oils for flavored cooking. That’s why we recommend you to organize cooking oils at a place or even you can put them on a specific rack. Moreover, the cooking oils can be rancid when exposed to light for longer. So, you need to put them in opaque containers and stylized them in a way that they just look like clutter. Well, you can put a tray under them to make them look international.

Group your Storage Containers by Size

Storing the containers concerning their sizes can save you from any hassle of finding them quickly in an hour of need. Reusable containers are an excellent way to store leftovers or to take lunches to school or work. But to manage space, the lid and bottoms are mostly separated while stacking the containers. The major problem is there which is to find the right lid when you need it. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution to hold your back while staying organized. All you need to do is to separately store your storage containers in a drawer or separate them with drawer dividers. You need to place small containers in one section and small lids in another, large containers in one section, and larger lids in another. In this way, you don’t need to dig through a pile of lids when you urgently need any of them.

Mount Floating Shelves

If you don’t have any cabinet space to prevent the decluttering of your home, then mount floating shelves on the walls can help you to create some extra storage. As the items you place on mount floating shelves remain visible, so try to place such things that add something more to your decor. A few such items are teapots, bowls, and vases that can act as a showcase in open areas. Besides this, you can also store heirloom items as they are a great way to remind you of your parents and grandparents.

Smartly Store Cutting Board and Baking Sheets

On the moral high ground, baking sheets and cutting boards are somewhat more space-consuming and can also create a mess in your kitchen if not stored properly. So, we recommend you store your baking sheets vertically within a deep cupboard. And the cutting board should also be stored either horizontally or vertically in a perfect position to take less space. You can also get an adjustable rack that comes with visible slots to keep your baking sheets and cutting boards. Moreover, you can also keep your thin items like pizza pans and other such easy-to-access items to get better organization.

Arrange a Hidden Charging Station

In this modern world, the kitchen isn’t just a place for cooking. Rather it’s becoming a go-to place for family members who need to charge their phones. Now it’s time to come up with a hidden charging station for your phone accessories and other electronics. Luckily, you can simply do it by using an extension cord with an attached power strip in the back of your drawer. So, all the cords and plug-ins will remain hidden in the back of the drawer. Overall, you will get an electronic free space in the heart of your home by going through this method.

Decorate your Groceries and Save Money

To be clear, this is a kind of fun organizational project that can excellently affect your finances and health. Moreover, it can make your pretty kitchen prettier with just a few handy tips. A very handy thing is to build a wall mounter mason jar planter which can be completed even during a weekend. The good thing about this DIY project is that you or even your kids can perfectly accomplish this project. All you need to do is to collect few elements along with fresh potted herbs from any farmers’ market, grocery, or gardening store to create this beautiful corner in your kitchen. In this way, you would be able to make better use of your spare items which you don’t need otherwise.

Create Stations

On the clear ground, creating specific stations in your kitchen can enhance the overall look of the place. Moreover, you will find it enriching and handy to accomplish your specific task at a specific place. Stunningly, you can create activity stations to simplify your daily life. For instance, if you love coffee, you can create a practical, cute coffee corner to enjoy your coffee break. On the other hand, if you love baking you can organize a specialized baking station where you can create yummy cupcakes and cookies with greater fun. You can show off gorgeous mixers and bowels to get your baking done at a specific site.

Why do you need to Organize your Kitchen?  

On the moral high ground, there’re many benefits of organizing the kitchen. The very first and most prominent thing is mental satisfaction which you can’t get in a disorganized environment. Although the total benefits might be uncountable, we can discuss some most prominent benefits in just a few simple points.


This is the most important reason for keeping the kitchen organized. If you have kids who can move around you while cooking, then you better understand the importance of safety and security. Moreover, the overfilled cupboards and unsafely stored sharp objects can put major hazards to you and the people around you. So, the better organization of things in the kitchen can save you from many accidents.


Each day we spend a huge of time in our kitchen, so you might need to feel comfy, happy, and as productive as possible. If you remain able to get clutter-free benches and enough storage space for items in your cupboards then you can get a comfortable space to work efficiently. In this way, an organized kitchen can help you to stay motivated and contended.

Maximizes Storage

On the moral high ground, a better organization can help you to come across more storage options on the existing things. In this way, you will be able to perfectly store each item in the safest place. This thing will greatly help you quickly find what you’re looking for.

Save your Money

If your pantry, and freezer are so jammed that you remain unable to find the ingredients you need, most probably you’ll purchase them without realizing that it was hidden. So, a better organization can help you to save some money on grocery shopping. Moreover, you will be less supposed to mistakenly buy kitchen items which you already have in your hands.

Save your Time

To be clear, a well-organized kitchen can equip you with other time-efficient habits such as quicker grocery shopping, meal planning, and overall easier meal preparation. The better-organized cabinets will not only help you to offer excellent storage but also save you an enormous amount of time. Some people think that organizing things consumes lots of time, but it can save more time when you need something in an hour of need.

You can calculate what to waste

Most of the time our kitchen cupboards remain packed with equipment that is no longer needed for the task. If you through away such broken products or donate items that are no longer essential, then you will get ample free space to organize your important stuff. So, such steps can allow you to efficiently organize your kitchen appliances.

Fresh Food for Longer Time

Rooted in, better kitchen organization ways can help you to keep your food fresh for longer than expected. But how you can make it possible? Well, storing the food in containers can increase its freshness time compared to store it in packets. As more bugs can be attracted to the glues on the packaging, so putting things in containers can equip you with major health benefits. In this way, your food will be less prone to bacteria and will save you lots of time and money.

You have to Clean Less Often  

As you will have fewer things on your window-sills, benches and in cupboard shelves, so you don’t need to clean it very often. So, if you know how to organize your kitchen with perfection, you will stay comfy while going through the cleaning process.

You will become more Productive

Once you have a well-organized kitchen you will find it easy to work in and have an excellent space to enjoy your being in. You will feel more productive in an organized kitchen because an organized space can make you feel happier and motivated as you don’t have to deal with any mess. So, you will find it highly useful in your busy weeks.

Why a Messy Kitchen Hurts?

To be honest, the kitchen becomes messy because of how much it’s used by householders. The space in the kitchen can be disheveled if the used items aren’t placed at the position from where you picked them. Moreover, the mess is also caused due to the reason that you don’t wipe down the countertops very frequently. You can encounter the following hassles due to messy kitchens.


If you have a messy kitchen, it’s more likely that pests will be attracted to the mess as they love to feed on grime and junk. With the ingredients on the counter or disgusting leftovers, you will be inviting some unwanted guests that can spoil your space and makes it unsanitary. For instance, black ants are attracted to sugary food and other such residues.

Reduced Countertop Space

Having a messy kitchen directly means that you will have lesser counter space to use because more trash and items stay on the countertops most of the time. And with less countertop space, you won’t have much space to efficiently prepare your meals. Moreover, with a messy counter, some items can fall which can lead to major damages. Overall, if you don’t know how to organize your kitchen then you will have to face countertop space issues.


If you fail to clean up your kitchen space, your family’s health will be at greater risk due to germs accumulation. You can get rid of such germs only when you know how to wipe them down with an antibacterial agent. Keep in mind that food contamination can severely damage your health and can even be life-threatening. So, all the surfaces that come in touch with hands or food products should be sanitized.


What kitchen layout is best?

On the moral high ground, a U-shaped floor plan is an excellent choice as it surrounds the users on three sides. Stunningly, it allows you to enjoy larger countertops and some extra storage cabinetry. Overall, if you have enough space, we recommend you to go for a U-shaped kitchen with an island in the center to take better advantage out of it.

What are the 6 types of kitchens?

Here, we are going to discuss 6 most popular kitchen layouts which are:

  1. The Gallery Kitchen
  2. The one Wall Kitchen
  3. The U-Shaped Kitchen
  4. The L-Shaped Kitchen
  5. The Peninsula Kitchen
  6. The Island Kitchen

Final Words

To get your act together, the beauty of a house is well determined by the cleanliness of its kitchen. So, the way you organize your kitchen highly influence your living and activities in the surrounding. So, you must know about the easy kitchen organization tips to make life easier. Keep in mind that only well-organized kitchens can help you to stay motivated and contended. Do most people ask that how to perfectly organize a kitchen? Well, after going through this guide you must now be able to place every kitchen item in right place. Moreover, you might be able to decorate your kitchen with great perfection. Read this guide well before you embark on your kitchen organization!