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How to Roast Coffee Beans at Home?

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Are you one of those who people who are still trying to figure out how to roast the coffee beans at home? Well, we got you covered. To get on with a cup of yummy coffee, the best way is to roast the coffee beans perfectly. Have you ever asked a question that “Does the home roasted coffee tastes the same as the packed one? Absolutely NO! The truth is that, the fresh home roasted coffee has far better taste and aroma than the roasted coffee which packed weeks ago.

Well, we can assure that every cup of coffee you make will be full of taste and fresh. And with the little practice, you would be able to roast it exactly to your taste.

Now the question come “How to roast coffee beans at home? Not an easy question, as plenty of ways are there to roast your coffee beans. But don’t worry, we have designed this guide to teach you the nitty gritty of coffee roasting process at home.

Here, we are going to teach you all the possible methods to roast your coffee and the deep insights of this roasting process. Before diving deep, checkout our guide on how to purchase the best coffee machine Australia.

Why Home Roasted Coffee?

The first question which can come to your mind is “Why people prefer to roast coffee beans at home?” Below mentioned reasons are answer of your question.

Elevated Freshness

Well, to get complete control over the freshness level is the versatile reason. We observed that the fresh home roasted coffee taste superior than the coffee roasted a few weeks ago in the market. As we buy coffee by the pound, so we an enjoy only one kind of coffee at a time. But if you have skill to roast your own coffee beans, you will be free to buy different blends or types of green coffee. Hence, you can enjoy a fresh, new roast each day.


Grounded in fact, coffee roasting is much easier than you ever think. The time and efforts require to roast coffee is just equivalent to boiling water or toasting bread. Practically, you can get your fresh roasted coffee within 5-10 minutes, depending on your taste preference and method used.


Out in the open, unroasted coffee beans are much cheaper than roasted ones. If you are addicted or daily coffee user, you can save ample amount of money by roasting your own coffee. Moreover, you are not required to invest in large equipment.

Fun Time

For many people, roasting coffee is a great hobby. It allows you to spend your boring time in some kind of involvement. Furthermore, the available variety of coffee beans, crop variations, and roasting levels, you can get handsome knowledge about coffee. If you’re really innovative, you can create new coffee blends, design new roasting equipment or modify the existing.

What you need to Roast your Own Coffee at Home?

To be at crossroads, you will require the few supplies which assist you to accomplish roasting properly.

  • Green unprocessed Coffee Beans: Grounded in fact, this is the most critical task of roasting process. You need to visit the local coffee shops to know if there’re any roasters in the surrounding who are selling unroasted coffee beans. Sometimes, coffee beans could be available at local markets, but not very often. At this stage, we recommend you to online order some green coffee beans.
  • Roaster: Here, you wouldn’t need to spend hours, as the market is full of all kinds of coffee roasters to meet your needs. The good thing about this step is that even an ordinary popcorn maker or oven can do the trick. How to roast your beans in different roasters? In this guide you’ll also get answer to this question.
  • Storage: Above all, the last but most important of coffee roasting is the way to store it properly to maintain the original taste. We recommend you to use airtight container and store it away from intense light or moisture. But keep in mind that even the high-end jars won’t halt coffee from releasing its aroma and taste with the passage of time.

Some Tips to roast coffee beans at home

No doubt, to roast coffee beans at home isn’t too difficult. But to get excellent taste, you can follow the give tips on hand.

  • The very first thing is temperature which is the fate determiner of your roasted coffee. It must be exactly at the point to attain the better roasting color and aroma. But the question is “what temperature value is best to accomplish excellent coffee roasting?”. We advise you to heat the beans at the temperature between 370oF to 540o
  • Do you want evenly roasted coffee beans? Well, we all wish to get such beans as they are good in taste and aroma. To get evenly roasted beans, make sure that the beans remain in constant motion and no bean should be scorched. This tip will greatly help you to get your desired taste in one go!

Different Methods to Roast Coffee Beans at Home

On the clear ground, coffee roasting isn’t restricted to any one method. Different people love to use different ways to roast and get their desired coffee taste and color. Here, we’re going to discuss the most widely used methods of coffee roasting at home.

Roast Coffee beans at Home in Roasting Machine

In this era, it’s not hard to find a coffee roasting machine that can excellently roast your beans. This is the easiest method to roast coffee beans at home, as the roaster can do most of the work for you. To roast coffee beans by this method, you need following things

  • Green Coffee beans
  • A coffee roaster
  • Colander
  • Wooden spoon

Steps you need to follow

  • Add your beans: To begin the coffee roasting journey, you need to buy a batch of green beans. Then pour the measure amount of coffee inside the roaster and close it.
  • Turn on the Coffee Roaster: After putting beans, fire up the machine and allow the beans to roast until you get your desired color. The process of roasting varies with the machine type, so you need to read the instructions carefully. Don’t forget to monitor your roasting beans at each stage.
  • Get your desired color: While roasting you must keep an eye on the roasting beans to get your preferred color and flavor. The more time you give to roasting, the stronger and darker it will become.
  • Stir to Cool: After finishing the roasting, you will need to get back the normal temperature. The most preferred way to do so is to move the beans forward and backward in the colanders until they reach to room temperature. Moreover, you can also use wooden spoon to stir them gently to release heat.
  • De-Gas and store: Once the coffee beans are cool, leave them in open space for around 12 hours to vent off any CO2. Finally, store them in an air tight container.

Don’t forget to store your beans at a place where temperature doesn’t exceed above room temperature and try to keep them safe from moisture and sunlight to maintain the fresh, natural taste.

Roast Coffee Beans at Home in an Oven

Grounded in fact, most of the people love to roast their coffee beans in an oven. The reason behind it is that you don’t need to buy any special equipment. Your home kitchen oven can do the trick for you.

But be conscious while using this method as it could be smoky. Make sure that your smoke alarm is working well and keep the windows open for better ventilation. You need following things to start the process

  • An oven which can attain high temperature
  • A cooking sheet or perforated oven tray
  • Colander

Step you need to follow

  • Preheat the Oven: Turn on your oven to let it attain the desired temperature. During this time, spread the unroasted coffee beans on your cookie sheet. Make sure that the beans aren’t stacked on top of each other to get evenly roasted coffee.
  • Start roasting: Once the oven is heated up, just slide the pan of raw beans inside your appliance and shut the door. Don’t forget to monitor your beans through the oven window and stop it when you think your taste has arrived.
  • Cool and Store: Well, it’s time to cool your roasted beans in an open air for the whole night. And then store it in an airtight jar to maintain the original taste for long.

Roast Coffee Beans at Home in Stove Top Popcorn Maker

Before the invention of coffee makers or popcorn poppers, most people used to roast coffee at home using stove. To imitate the method, you will require a stovetop roaster that is a pot with a cover to do the trick for you. In order to roast coffee beans by this method, you need following things

  • A gas or electric burner
  • Unroasted green coffee beans
  • Baking sheet
  • Airtight container
  • A thermometer (Optional)
  • A stovetop Popcorn Popper

Steps you need to follow

  • Select unroasted coffee beans: The very first thing you need to do is to buy some unroasted green coffee beans of your taste.
  • Setting Up the Equipment: Set your popper, burner, and baking sheet on the table.
  • Pre-heat the Pop: Pre-heat the machine to up to 400 degrees. You can measure the temperature using laser thermometer. But the pre-heating time of 5-10 minutes is enough to get desired temperature.
  • Add Coffee beans: Now its turn to add the coffee beans in order to begin the handle cranking.
  • Strat Roasting: For proper roasting, you need to continuously move the beans to get evenly roasted beans. As it cranks, the heat will assist to pass the beans from different stages to get beautiful, fragrant pellets of your taste. But stay concentrated as the distinction between completely roasted and ruined beans is only a moment of seconds.
  • Control the Flavor: The most stunning thing about this method is that you can control and get your perfect taste. Just learn with each practice that how to master the process to get your desired beans.
  • Make them cool: After getting roasted beans, pour the beans on cooking sheet. Wave the sheet and let the beans to get cool in natural breeze for around 12 hours. Try to get the room temperature before storing them.
  • Store your beans: Once you get the cool beans, store them in air tight container. Try to store them away from intensive heat or moisture.

As a matter of fact, roasting coffee beans with Stove top popcorn maker is highly easy and demands less time. You can complete all the process within 20 minutes to get fresh, fantastic home roasted coffee.

Roast Coffee Beans at Home in Hot Air Popcorn Popper

To get your act together, popcorn popper is most convenient way to roast your coffee beans at home. If anyone ask you any question like “How to roast coffee beans at home”. Don’t hesitate to recommend them an air popcorn popper as it’s equally suitable for beginners and experts.

Actually, this machine is suitable to do experiments with the roasting coffee, so help you to learn in a better way. Additionally, it allows you to get light coffee, dark coffee, or everything in between. Let’s have a look on things which you will be needed to roast your coffee with this method.

  • Hot air-based popcorn popper
  • Unroasted green coffee beans
  • Thermometer
  • Baking-sheet
  • Storage container

Steps you need to follow for proper roasting

  • Get your unroasted beans: Firstly, you need to buy the raw, green unroasted beans. You can pick different varieties to get better taste.
  • Setup and pre-heat: Now it’s time to setup the whole things to begin roasting. Place your popper on the countertop, make it on and start pre-heating for around 20 seconds.
  • Put Coffee beans: As the popper get hot, add a measured amount of coffee beans to the vessel and start roasting. It will take only 4-5 minutes, but don’t forget to closely monitor it at each stage. Never leave the popper unattended.
  • Decide your taste: During roasting beans pass via several stages. And you will see the transitions from the raw coffee to drinkable. It’s the time to decide what you exactly want. Just pay close attention to mechanism and get the flavor of your choice.
  • Get your roasted beans: Once the coffee beans reach to desired browning, shut down the popper and distribute the hot roasted beans on the settled baking sheet. Let the beans cool quickly by shaking the sheet at regular intervals and wait until they attain room temperature.
  • Store your final coffee: You’re required to store roasted coffee beans in an airtight container. Keep in mind that don’t store them immediately after cooling, let them stay for 12 hours before storing.

Deep Insights of Coffee Roasting Process

To know the nitty gritty of Coffee roasting process, you must know that what stages coffee cover to reach your cup.

First of all, the organic coffee is passed through different processes to remove the outer and inner parchment skin, in order to get the coffee bean. This bean is dry and needs further processing such as roasting to attain the desired taste. If you skip roasting the coffee, the coffee drink will be acidic and bitter, you will not find it drinkable. Overall, you can say that roasting imparts original flavor and aroma to your coffee.

What Happens during the Coffee Roasting Process?

As a matter of fact, through the roasting process the shades of green coffee change drastically. The major change which occurs is that, all the moisture is removed out of the bean which results in making the coffee dry and expand it.

During beans roasting, the natural sugars are transformed into CO2 gas and others are absorbed well to enhance complex coffee flavor. Upon completion, the green beans will convert into brown beans which are much lighter and larger than unroasted beans.

With each step towards the final roasting stage, the coffee begins to degas and after few weeks this roasted coffee will start losing its flavor and aromas. That’s why people love to roast coffee at home to enjoy the fresh, unequalled taste.

The 11 different Stages of Coffee Roasting

Before starting the coffee roasting process at home, you must be aware of different stages which your coffee will pass through to get fully roasted. You must know about each stage and try to stop roasting at your desired flavor. Let’s discuss about each stage in detail

  1. Green: At the beginning of roasting process, the coffee beans will keep the green essence even on heat.
  2. Yellow: After absorbing some heat, the green color will start vanishing and the attained yellow beans will release grassy odor.
  3. Steam: After this, the steam will start coming out from the beans. As the unroasted beans contains water, so it starts evaporating at this stage.
  4. Cinnamon Roast: This is the stage when real roasting will begin. The sugars incorporated the beans caramelize and you will hear a cracking sound. This cracking sound is similar to popcorn popping sound.
  5. 1st Roast level: This level is also known as city roast and it start appearing right after the first crack. This is the minimum acceptable roast level for most people to begin the grinding and brewing process.
  6. 2nd Roast level: This level is attained after through caramelization of sugars and the basic migration of oils. Olus, the beans here will swell is size and reach the city plus roast. Well, this is the most loved level of roasted coffee among people.
  7. 3rd Roast level: This is often known as full city roast. At this stage coffee beans will be much darker and it will lead to the second cracking stage.
  8. 4th Roast level: This full city plus roast level begins with the second crack. The beans undergo the most vibrant, second cracking to enter in this level. Overall, this roasting level imparts more layers of intensity to the flavor.
  9. French Roast: Practically, at this level the smoke will become pungent. The sugars burn to an extreme level without hurting the taste.
  10. Extreme Roast: Here, the structure of beans will start to breakdown. This is the maximum roasting level which you can attain keeping the deep flavor.
  11. Burn: Well, if you didn’t stop roasting further, the pungent smell will change to terrible and hence the beans will burn immediately within seconds. So, be careful to control your roasting beans at an appropriate level.

Above all, keep in mind that you might attain any other level beside the above-mentioned levels, depending on the temperature point you’re using. We only discussed prominent and observable levels to teach you well.

Is home roasted coffee really worth it?

The short answer of this question is “YES”. There are multiple reasons of this worthiness. Firstly, roasting coffee at home is far cheaper than buying it from local market. Furthermore, home roasted coffee tastes much better and fresher than packed coffee. Moreover, roasting coffee at home is quite easy and full of fun. You can enjoy coffee roasting at home even for the sake of some adventure. So, we can say that coffee roasting at home really worth the time and effort spent!

Final Verdict

On the clear note, coffee roasting at home is a creative art. You can transform the fresh green coffee beans into a sense of joy. But how to roast coffee at home? Well, a lot of ways are there. In this guide we tried to explain all the possible and well-known coffee roasting methods to make you a master of your own coffee cup. You can either buy a dedicated coffee roasting machine for your kitchen or can utilize the existing equipment to do the trick. The choice is yours! Happy fresh sip of Coffee!